Google Analytics Setup Service

  • Google Analytics Setup
  • Events and Goals Configuration
  • Remarketing Tag Setup
ETA ETA : up to 3 business days
$99 $99
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What You Get with Google Analytics Setup Service:

Google Analytics setup and integration
Google Tag Manager setup and integration
Connecting Google Search Console
Google Ads integration (if you have)
Events and goals configuration
User interaction configuration
Remarketing audiences setup

How it Works:

  1. Getting the Details

    up to 2 hours

    After purchasing the offer, our team will contact you asking to provide the details that are required to fulfill the offer.

  2. Google Tag Manager Setup

    up to 4 hours

    Our specialists set up a Google Tag Manager software for you. It will help you to check analytics on different platforms with ease.  

  3. Google Analytics Account Creation

    up to 2 hours

    We will create a Google Analytics account and set up all the details like your business niche, time zone. Also, we will generate your tracking ID.

  4. Analytics Tag Setups at Google Tag Manager

    up to 4 hours

    Our specialist will create a new tag under your Google Tag Manager account and provide Google Analytics event tracking.  

  5. Goals Setup

    up to 4 hours

    We will configure your goals to tell Google what success means to you. After this, Google will show the number of users who spend a particular amount of time on your site or visit a specific number of pages.

  6. Google Search Console Connection

    up to 4 hours

    Our specialists will connect your Google Analytics account with the most powerful software for managing a website, Google Search Console.

To Provide Google Analytics Setup Service We Need:

  • Your email address
  • List of people's email addresses you want to grant access to your Google Analytics account
  • Access to your website admin panel to start Google Analytics setup conversion tracking
  • Information you need to track and measure to achieve important goals for your business

Why You Need to Try Google Analytics Setup Service

Do you have a website but know nothing about your site's visitors? Purchase this service and start tracking your website visitor's behavior. There is no need to be a tech-savvy user. Use one of our services to get assistance from our experts. Just provide all the required information, and we will Google Analytics setup steps.

Just provide your login details, and receive a ready-to-use solution where you can check the number of visitors, most viewed pages, and how much time your clients spend on a website. By using this information, you'll be able to enhance your website and boost your sales. With the help of our Google Analytics setup service, you will be able to check your progress every day.


Will Google Analytics save my money?

Yes! If you want to launch a promotion campaign, the Google Analytics tool will help you to track your progress. It will help you to avoid expensive but useless advertising.

What is a remarketing audience setup?

A remarketing tag will provide the ability to re-connect with users who visited your website but didn't do any actions. Consequently, it will positively affect your sales.

Will I need to pay for analytics?

Google Analytics software is 100% free. Therefore, the Google Analytics setup service will bring you the ability to track your website visitors with no charge.


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  • Google Analytics Setup
  • Events and Goals Configuration
  • Remarketing Tag Setup
ETA ETA : up to 3 business days
$99 $99
Do you have a question about the product? Get help at any time!

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