WordPress Website Creation from Scratch

  • Unique design created from scratch
  • Includes 6 custom built pages in WordPress
  • With full Elementor visual page builder support
ETA ETA : 15 business days
$599 $599
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What Is Included in the WordPress Website Creation from Scratch Service:

Lite (with customer’s design in PSD)
Premium (without customer’s design in PSD)
Creation of a unique custom design in PSD
Development starts from creating a unique design. Our best designers will draw a site mockup in PSD that is ready for coding and production
Converting the PSD design into WordPress
When the mockup is ready, our coders will use it to develop a fully functional website
Adding your content to the created pages
We will fill the pages with your content and images
Full Elementor support + free Jet plugins for more features
We will integrate Elementor Page builder to allow you edit pages and add new content easily afterwards. No coding skills required!
Installation of Must-Have Plugins and Security Package
We will install our most popular packages of plugins to help you manage your new site with ease
Up to 30 stock images included for free
If you do not have images for your site yet, we will provide you with an option to select 30 stock photos from a library of 46 mln items
Up to 2 revisions per stage are included for free
You will have 2 revisions per one development stage (designing and coding)
Deployment of a newly created website on your hosting
Dedicated project manager
You will work with a project manager whom you will be able to discuss all the details with and check the status of your project
10% discount on any other customization service from TemplateMonster

How Custom Website Creation Works:

  1. Collecting Information

    up to 1 day

    After the payment is approved, our project managers will contact you via email to discuss the site you want us to create. Be ready to provide screenshots, descriptions and additional info that may be needed to describe what you want to achieve, and show how your site will look and work.

  2. (optional) Creating the mockup (design) of your future site

    up to 9 business days

    We start developing your site with creating a design for it. Our best designers will work on creating a mockup. You will be able to check the progress with your project manager via chat or emails. We will skip this step if you have a design for your site ready.

  3. (optional) Reviewing the design

    up to 2-3 days

    Once the first version of a design is created, you will be able to check the mockup yourself and approve the results. In case there is anything to be changed or fixed, you will have up to 2 free revisions.

  4. Developing the site

    up to 7 business days

    When the design is approved and ready, our coders will turn it into a fully functional website, and your content to it. When the coding is complete, you will be able to review a site on our test server and provide us with your feedback and requests for additional changes or fixes (2 free revisions are available).

  5. Deployment on your hosting and launch

    up to 3 hours

    When everything is ready, we will install a newly created site on your hosting and provide you with logins and passwords to access the admin panel. After that you will be able to manage the site yourself (add new content and blog posts to it, create new pages, ect.)

  6. (optional) What’s Next

    from 5 business days

    In case you want to boost your site, we will be happy to work on that as well. In particular, we can optimize your new site for search engines as well as set up ad campaigns in Facebook and Google to help you with finding your first customers and making the first sales.

How It Works:

  • Description of how your site should look and work
  • PSD designs of the site pages (if you purchase Lite package)
  • Any additional info needed to perform the service

What is WordPress Website Creation from Scratch?

In case you want to get a unique website no one else has, our service is right for you. We will develop and launch a new website that will be designed and coded to match your needs and requirements. No more compromises or weeks spent on finding a perfect template: you will get a site that looks and works exactly like you want.

The process of getting your flawless website is simple and straightforward: you describe in detail how you need your site to look, provide us with examples (if you have any), and we will do the rest. Our experienced designers will create a design of your dream for you, and developers will turn it into a fully functional website. 

The site will be created on WordPress. It is the most popular and widely used content management system today. Plus, we will use Elementor to allow you to edit content pages and add new ones easily in a visual editor. Even if you haven’t worked with sites before, you will be able to manage your new site without any coding skills.

Please note that with this service, we will not add any custom functionality that is not available in WordPress or Elementor by default. This service will be the most suitable for getting an informational website (for example, for your company) or a blog. However, if you have any extra requests, feel free to contact us and we will provide you with a custom quote to add the features you need.


Where can I check what features will you integrate into a website?

Please, take a look at templates that are built with the same technologies (WordPress and Elementor Page Builder) we are using to develop custom websites: 

Your site will have a similar set of features but with a custom design created to match your unique requirements.

You have mentioned that the service includes creation of 6 custom pages. What are they?

We have tailored the service to be the best option for business websites. Such websites usually have the following set of pages: 

  • Home page
  • About Us
  • Services
  • Gallery
  • Blog (News)
  • Contacts

However, we understand that not all sites are the same, and can create other pages for you upon request. Feel free to contact us to discuss all the details and requirements before placing your order.

Do you have any requirements to PSD files that can be used to code a website?

We require customers to provide multi-layered PSDs ready for web development, with a Bootstrap grid that guides elements and blocks location and sizes. To illustrate what we mean, here are two examples of such PSDs among the templates we sell:

If you are not sure if your PSDs are ready for the site development, please, contact us using the online chat and we will be happy to help you. Moreover, for an additional fee, our designers can adjust your PSDs to make them suitable for web development.

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  • Unique design created from scratch
  • Includes 6 custom built pages in WordPress
  • With full Elementor visual page builder support
ETA ETA : 15 business days
$599 $599
Do you have a question about the product? Get help at any time!

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