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E&E - Electronics Shopify Theme is a responsive Shopify theme that best suits with selling technology products, gadgets and electronics web store. E & E is built based on Bootstrap 4.

This exclusive Shopify theme brings 6 pre-made homepages. You can display your Best Deals, Featured Items, New Arrivals and Best Sellers in distinct places. Moreover, using advanced filters you can sort your products on the basis of price, category, and size. Best thing in this creative design is you can customize it easily.

E & E cross-browser optimized Shopify theme will give your customers a user-friendly shopping experience. So, try E&E - Electronics Shopify Theme + RTL + Dropshipping right now and burgeon your business soon.

Change Log

Version: 1.0.3 Date:  29-11-2018


1. Product zoom option added.

2. Product tab video option added.

3. Custom content section added.

4. Custom html section added.

5. Custom Page section added.

6. Rich text section added.

7. Video banner section added.

8. Instagram feed section added.

Note: Images are not included

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My developer is amazed. The code is clean and the theme looks great.
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