NextPet - Pet Animal HTML Template
NextPet is a pet animal html5 template that is designed for pet lovers. This template is suitable for pet animals, pet lovers, pet shelters, pet care centers, pet adoption centers, and so on.
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Boost Sales with Attention-Grabbing Single Product Landing Pages

A single product landing page website is one of the most common ways to become visible on the Internet. These designs help sellers all over the globe promote their goods and generate leads. One can find numerous marketing strategies on how to succeed with this. Basically, a product landing page is a minimalist single-page website built for a particular product showcase. You can find these projects all over the web space. It focuses solely on persuading and converting visitors. Besides, modern digital items bring more features to develop single product landing pages. You can add an eCommerce feature, craft a blog, and connect the site to social media platforms. Are you ready to boost sales and grab prospects' attention with a freshly built website? Let's see what you should know about it!

Classic Structure of a Single Product Landing Page

Being popular for years, product pages bring users more traffic to the main website and serve as separate pages for promoting a specific item. Today's design solutions for single product landing pages offer tons of possibilities. For example, a product landing page is more helpful to convince a person to convert and check your campaign or product-promoting offer. On the other hand, you have one product landing page with detailed features and images to showcase your goods. In a traditional design, the last ones are not crafted for conversions, but modern templates combine all the needed features at once.

You could get a post-click page with all the must-haves by purchasing a single product template from TemplateMonster's gallery. These are conversion-centric layouts with sales-oriented headlines, design-smart visuals, and other components meant to compel users to click on your CTA buttons. Here is a classic goal of such a website:

  • Address the prospect directly to the needed information.
  • Ensure that they're in the right place.
  • Appeal to their emotional side and attract attention with visuals.
  • Clearly explain the main point your product will solve or provide.
  • Showcase the best sides of what you offer.
  • Highlight the professionalism of a company.

These are only the basics. One can get the best out of their one-page website by choosing the right product.

Business Licensed Single Product Landing Pages Templates

Even if specialized in a single product, marketers, companies, and startups might find this option useful as they still sell various add-ons, updates, etc., in the future. It is even more important for big companies and brands who regularly run campaigns for new lines and items. So what is a business license, and how to get it?

Our single-product landing page templates allow running multiple websites with the same product. Let's take Tekso as an example. Without numerous possible distractions, this minimalist template keeps visitors focused on evaluating your services. It offers 2 variants to save on site building:

  1. Commercial license - allows building up to 5 projects with product landing templates items. You can transfer or resell the end products, which is nice for young designers and devs.
  2. Business license - allows creating up to 50 various websites that one can transfer or resell without trouble. The option is perfect not only for those who earn from website building but for big companies requiring multiple product pages as well.

Newbies might think it is impossible to stand out that way. However, the latest one product landing pages templates provide perfect design solutions. Tekso costs $12 only and has everything you might need for a sleek design promo. There are essentials, like:

  • Responsive design;
  • Mobile readiness with AMP;
  • SEO;
  • Retina readiness;
  • Quick-start package;
  • Visual builder with drag & drop.

It includes multiple layouts with simple customization and provides some trendy features, too, like the next:

  • Parallax effect;
  • Lazy Load effect;
  • Background video;
  • CSS animations.

AMP-Ready Product Landing Page Templates

Next to Retina-ready design and Search Engine Optimization, mobile-oriented design is what makes the website popular. Shoppers use smartphones to look for new products and services, so why would anyone lose their chance to get more sales from mobiles?

You can find high-quality mobile-optimized single product landing pages products to try. They produce designs ready to be viewed on smartphones and tablets. It makes the website fit the viewer's screen, converts texts and pictures to the needed size, and works on buttons and forms to be comfortable to use.

So, the mobile-optimized design gives the best possible performance on mobile devices when mobile-friendliness works on the user experience. It makes texts eye-friendly, improves navigation to be smooth and efficient, works on links, etc.

Our items provide all of these. No special knowledge is required. And there is one more thing to consider for an ideal mobile promo - Accelerated Mobile Pages.

Landing page templates with AMP make it easy for beginners to create mobile-friendly content once and have it load instantly everywhere. Aside from the awesome visual appearance, the feature focuses on the project's speed. It is typical to bring more conversions with AMP as it makes the landing load rapidly without compromising creativity and brand expression. You won't need to worry that stylish web design elements will slow down the site.

All in all, LP load experience is critical for sales and Google ranking. Most mobile users leave the website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. It used to be 10 seconds a few years ago. You can see the audience's demands becoming more and more comfort-oriented, so give AMP a chance to better your performance.

SEO-Oriented Single Product Landing Pages

If you are looking for an effective way to lead conversion, better traffic, and improve brand reputation, SEO landing pages are definitely the way to go. No secret, landings focus on the target keywords that should rank for various call-to-action elements. The main task of your one-page product site is to increase the share of total search traffic within your industry and do it smartly. Top results require skills and practice. How to get all of this without making common mistakes? Here is why landings should be SEO-ready.

SEO-friendly products allow:

  • Attracting organic search traffic;
  • Using the right keywords;
  • Prioritizing your content;
  • Improving the website speed.

According to this research, Search Engine Optimization brings 70+% more clicks for landings. Besides, one can get more prospects with the help of international SEO features. It is a clean and simple way to increase a company's visibility, grab the attention of a bigger audience, generate more visits, and improve your marketing strategy at all.

SEO Landing Checklist

Perfection has no end. Let's work on your website to make it even more SEO-ready. Here is a landing page checklist to make Google love your page:

  • Smart keyword research;
  • Tags analysis;
  • SEO-ready titles;
  • URLs optimization;
  • Proper meta descriptions;
  • Images optimization;
  • Website speed optimization;
  • Social media integration;
  • Quality link-building.

Also, you would improve results with prospect-ready site navigation. For example, the MegaMenu feature also improves SEO and makes content well-organized. And remember to work on your forms to ensure everything loads quickly.

Single Product Landing Pages to Fit Any Taste

Single-product landing page templates come with multiple design solutions. You can get ready-made designs and select from the next options:

  • Minimalist;
  • Flat design;
  • Corporate;
  • Material design;
  • Clean & mobile;
  • Geometric;
  • Vector;
  • Artwork;
  • Retro;
  • Grunge;
  • Paper-made, etc.

Plus, everything is super-easy to customize. One can edit the template layout without a hitch. The product pack contacts a handy Color Picker to manage your visual appearance. Besides, you can enrich the design with editable content blocks, like carousels, accordions, slides, buttons, counters, and graphics.

Topics to Cover with One-Product Landings

Premium one-page website templates suit multiple business niches. Here are only a few of what you can represent with our templates for product landings:

  • Food, beverages & delivery;
  • The medical project, equipment, pills, and doctor;
  • Fashion, stylist, beauty, hairdresser, etc.;
  • Sports, outdoors & travel;
  • Booking agency;
  • IT, development, SEO & marketing;
  • Photography, art & culture;
  • Clothes, shoes, lingerie & accessories;
  • Casing & gambling;
  • Kids centres, kindergarten, school & education;
  • Cryptocurrency & financial advisor;
  • Architecture, exterior & interior design;
  • Handmade gifts & holidays, and much more.

All the products contain registration forms with smartly designed CTAs.

Are you ready to get more leads with a perfect item? Let's see how you can get the template.

Multipurpose Templates for Single Product Landing Pages

How to save time + money when running a one-product campaign? You can try multipurpose landing page templates to cover different topics. They contain options tailored to various needs and combine different functions suitable for many business types. With the help of a multipurpose template, you can run various website types: web stores, galleries, portals, resume & CV sites, blogs, portfolios, magazines, personal websites, and so on. The pack might contain several to multiple layouts representing business niches, like medical, repair, beauty, sports, restaurant, consultancy, etc.

Depending on the template you purchase, you will have a set of business-related features. It is just what the doctor ordered for users who build websites for money. Multipurpose themes would also be helpful for marketers, developers, designers, brand makers, startup owners, and others who need numerous websites at once.

Here are several reasons to consider downloading single product landing pages themes with multipurpose design:

  • Numerous plugins compatibility;
  • eCommerce layouts with shop-oriented features;
  • Ability to manage numerous websites with the supporting license;
  • Complete package of content blocks;
  • Multiple homepage layouts.

3 One-Page Landing Must-Check Features

Can you imagine a successful website building without a powerful admin panel? Whether you are a skilled designer or a complete beginner, the feature is a must. One-product landing templates allow working with your content rapidly. Multiple pre-made content blocks with ready-to-use elements allow performing changes of any complexity. Special headings, blog posts, custom content lists, slider galleries, call to action, galleries, grids, testimonials, and carousels - these are just to name a few. Promoting products becomes an easy and interactive process with it.

Another popular feature to work with is Parallax. This scrolling effect provides an eye-catching illusion of depth and motion. It is a beautiful addition to any website and is especially useful for product pages. The effect suits backgrounds and galleries to highlight the goods you promote. It also shows your creativity and enriches the design without overloading it. Modern landing page templates with Parallax offer smooth scrolling and provide longer page visit time. Use the feature to catch visitors' attention and convert them into possible happy customers.

Retina-ready design is the next critical feature to take care of. The main goal of the feature is to improve user experience to improve device screen quality. Retina-ready landing page templates enhance your graphics and create high-quality product presentations. It works on the images to become sharper and improves how collections and slides are displayed. One more thing: it amplifies the clarity of typography as well. It is important not only for blogs, journals, or magazines but for product websites too. The way you present information influences the viewer's attention to your business. The better your fonts look, the more chances you have to make a sale. Besides, Retina readiness is helpful for mobile sales. Visitors can increase the page's size without experiencing any decrease in its overall visual appeal. 30 million users have Apple smartphones with sharper screen feature that requires Retina-ready design. You won't succeed without it.

Buying Landing Page Templates for Single Product Website

Before anything else, check out the user-friendly filters on the left panel. It would help you find the very template by feature, size, style, topic, price, builder, framework, etc. The further process is simple.

  1. Choose the template you want to purchase.
  2. Open the product page to view its details.
  3. View the live demo to see how the visuals work in action.
  4. Add the product to the cart.
  5. Complete the checkout process.
  6. Download your product.
  7. Install and activate it following the pre-packed instructions.

WPML-Ready One-Product Landing Page Templates

Another feature to look for is a translation or WPML-ready design. The feature helps to make the website visible in many countries, which is useful for brand/company development. Landing pages with translation-ready content get higher ranking results, as they can be noticed and scanned by search engines working with native-speaking websites. It is critical for sales. You can develop the campaign abroad without any additional payments. It is better to purchase WPML-ready landing page templates instead of making people use Google Translate by hand.

Translating the site into another language brings international communication and makes a powerful marketing strategy. With it, the landing page’s owner improves the user experience and makes it more comfortable to visit the page.

Among the main benefits of making your landing translation-ready, there are the following:

  1. It would help to understand your brand and give you better chances to introduce a product to the audience.
  2. It helps businesses to expand on the wider market where it is possible to sell abroad and cover more locations = more customers.
  3. It provides accurate information and message so that people worldwide can learn more without the need to translate content.

All in all, the audience's communication level greatly influences the project's success. The global marketplace is open to new brands and products. You just need to get ready for this highly competitive niche, and WPML-readiness is the #1 thing to help.

Save Money & Run Numerous Single Product Landing Pages with ONE

Would you like to save money on website building? It is possible to run numerous landings with ONE by TemplateMonster. The membership offers 3 flexible plans and has everything and anything you might need for website building. There are tons of themes and templates for all popular business niches with various designs and plugins. Are you interested? Check the video to see more details. We also offer regular discounts for anyone to try working with the service without additional expenses. Don't miss your chance!

Single Product Landing Pages Questions & Answers

Why do I need a single product landing page?

It is a proven strategy in digital marketing to build a website for a single product promo. It helps to make a pleasant first impression, as customers can focus on the very item instead of viewing multiple goods at the same time. You get their attention to the details, which would raise brand awareness. It definitely adds credibility and keeps visitors interested with the professional call to action. Besides, single product landing pages websites get more traffic and provide information specific to generate leads. They also come with comfortable navigation that makes people absorb more details about the offer without performing additional actions. When designed smartly, single product pages boost sales and bring additional traffic to the main website. They are also good for stand-alone campaigns.

How do I choose templates for one product landing page?

Please use easy filters to select the needed template from the gallery. Basically, all the single product landing pages products come with must-have features in the pack. You won't need to look for additional plugins or components. It is simpler to choose by prices, colors, topics, and other features.

Do I need my single product landing pages translation ready?

Yes, you need the feature, as it greatly impacts how visitors treat your website. Making the content translation-ready brings more website traffic, improves SEO, and allows entering the global market. One can easily better onsite communication and make the page more shopper-ready with it.

What are the top features to look for when buying landing page templates?

Here is what you will need for a winning single product landing pages creation:

  • Impressive website speed;
  • Simple installation;
  • Intuitive editing;
  • Flexible layout;
  • Retina-ready design + responsive;
  • SEO;
  • User-oriented, lead-generating navigation;
  • Smart content hierarchy;
  • Sliders & carousels for product showcases.