How to Get Started

Social Stock is designed to help people around you quickly get on the online market and save some money!

Be the first one to tell them the great news and get the best prizes for being a good friend!

  1. Apply for registration in the contest.
  2. Get a 10% unique personal promo-code for all TemplateMonster’s products.
  3. Share it with your friends.
  4. Check how many times it has been used and choose the prizes accordingly.
  5. Enjoy the prizes, your life and the fact that you’ve helped your friends to start their own website.

Terms of use

The Contest organizer
Web Site

Contest Timelines:

The contest is held from 1.02.2016 till 31.10.2018
All the points are going to be cancelled at 31.10.2018!

Contest participation terms:
The Competition is open to all individuals  aged 18 years and older.
To participate in the contest you need to sign up to
Only categories like CMS&Blog templates and website templates are eligible for TemplateMonster contest.

The participant has the right to:
use, advertise and distribute their own personal promo code for TemplateMonster templates purchase.
The organizer of the competition is obliged to:
fulfill the terms of the contest and provide a 10% discount on TemplateMonster products (of the selected categories). You can’t apply promo code to the orders less than $50.

The competition prizes are displayed in the “List of prizes” category.

The procedure for obtaining a prize
If the participant has enough points to get the prize, he fills out the Order Form on the site, specifying the necessary contact details. After that, the organizer is obliged to send the  prize to the winner. The organizer isn’t liable for the delivery of prizes and is not responsible if the winner is unable to receive the prize due to any reason.  The organizer provides free shipping to the US. In all other cases, the  shipping is paid by the participant.

Additional conditions
The prize can not be returned, exchanged for any other equivalent, including money.
Contest organizer reserves the right to request additional identification information from the participant (including the valid ID document) and to refuse to grant the winner a prize in the following cases:
– If the information stated by the participant is incorrect (including if a participant at the time of his participation was under 18 years old)
– If a Participant does not give all the required information to receive the prize
– Or in the case of any fraud detected on the side of participant.


By participating in the project, the participant gives his consent to the processing of his personal data in order to obtain the prize.
The processing of personal data refers to the (actions) operations with personal data, including collecting, recording, accumulation, use, storage, clarification (update, change), retrieval, personal data  transfer in order to obtain the prize and the destruction of personal data.
After the end of the contest, all collected points will be cancelled.
By participating in the project, the participant agrees with the contest´s timelines and terms..

The Organizer shall not be liable for:

1. Any errors, omissions, interferences, destructions of information, defects, delays in the operation or transmission of the data.
2. Communication lines failure, theft, abuse or other causes beyond the control of TemplateMonster.
3. Failure to obtain the participants’ letters or documents required to obtain the prize in the contest by the set deadline due to the technical or other reasons beyond the control of the Organizer.
4. Providing incorrect or incomplete contact and other data under these Terms and Conditions.

The Contest organizer reserves the right not to to enter into correspondence  or to contact with other participants, except for cases specified in these Terms and Conditions.


TemplateMonster is ready to help you create a buzz with such tools:

  • Demotivators for social networks
    for social networks
  • Text messages
  • Different samples of ready-made messages
    Different samples of
    ready-made messages
  • Quick solution of sending the promo-code to all the contact list at once
    Quick solution of sending
    the promo-code to all the
    contact list at once

The list of prizes

  • pay-pal-main-mobile
    10 uses
    of your promo-code

    $100 on PayPal

    • This is real money
    • You can buy anything you want
    • You get them on your PayPal
    • PayPal is recognized worlwide
    delivered 351 times
  • smartwatch-main-mobile
    20 uses
    of your promo-code

    Smartwatch Pebble

    • Waterproof to 5ATM fresh and saltwater
    • iPhone and Android compatibility
    • Instant notifications
    • Long-lasting charge
    delivered 2 times
  • ipad-mini-main-mobile
    50 uses
    of your promo-code

    iPad mini 4

    • 7.9 inch Multi-Touch display
    • High-resolution retina screen
    • 331 g weight
    • Over 475,000 other incredible iPad apps
    delivered 1 time
  • iphone-6-main-mob
    100 uses
    of your promo-code

    iPhone 7

    • 4.7 inches display
    • 250 hours of battery on standby
    • High-resolution screen
    • 8 MP camera
    delivered 1 time
  • canon-main-mobile
    250 uses
    of your promo-code

    Canon EOS 6D

    • Full-frame 20.2-megapixel sensor
    • Full-HD video
    • Lightweight construction
    • Inbuilt GPS
    delivered 0 times
  • macbook-main-mobile
    500 uses
    of your promo-code

    MacBook Pro

    • Powerful Intel Core i5 processor
    • 13.3" display diagonal
    • SSD, 8 GB RAM
    • Only 1.6 Kg weight
    delivered 0 times
  • harley-davidson-street-main-mobile
    1000 uses
    of your promo-code

    Harley-Davidson Street

    • Liquid-cooled, Revolution X™ V-Twin Engine
    • Ideal for urban life
    • Luxurious paint-and-lacquer coating
    • High stability and comfort while driving
    delivered 0 times
  • tesla-model-main-mobile
    10000 uses
    of your promo-code

    Tesla Model S

    • World’s electric vehicle #1
    • Smart-card ignition
    • 17” display with internet access
    • Touch screen navigation
    delivered 0 times

The list of leaders

Nickname Uses
bil********@*****.com 2337
hum***********@*****.com 701
inf*@pr*mk* 160
zac***********@*****.com 146
tre***@*******.com 130
mar**********@*****.com 124
dim****@*****.com 100
mot****@*********.com 100
k3o***************@****.com 97
lan*******@*******.fr 85
zin********@****.de 73
sub******@******.ru 72
qwe**********@*****.com 66
hom*********@*****.com 61
ale******@*****.com 58
lec********@*****.com 58
viv********@*****.com 52
bri*****@****.ru 50
avb****@*****.com 48
and*********@******.com 47


  • Who can use the promo-code and how?

    Anyone can use the promo-code to buy templates from For each sale you get 1 point. The total number of points can be used to get the prize you want to get.

  • What does the promo-code do?

    The promo-code gives a 10% discount for any template from

  • How can I get my prize?

    Simply follow the link you get in e-mail after registration and choose any prize that matches the sum of points you’ve got. The system will show which prizes are available to you. If there is a green button opposite to the prize, then you have enough points to get it.

  • What happens to the points after I have chosen the prize?

    After you have chosen the prize the counter automatically withholds the number of points equals to the prize value. So you keep the difference in points and proceed participating in the project.

  • I have, for example, 30 points. Can I choose 2 different prizes for 10 and 20 points?

    Yes, you can choose several prizes for your total number of points.