Contact Forms without Server, Google Forms

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Contact Forms without Server, Google Forms

Created: Feb 23, 2021

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

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A set of responsive, easily customizable forms for your website, built on HTML5. CSS3. Bootstrap 4.5.

In the template, you have access to a set of easily customizable responsive forms, they have different designs, color schemes and the structure of the arrangement of elements, which will help you choose the most suitable form for your project.

Forms in the template are divided into two categories:

1. Contact forms or feedback forms to configure which you do not need to work with the server or know PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, Node.js etc. All contact forms on the site are google forms Key Advantages:

- No "Backend" to Deploy/Maintain/Pay for

- Fully Customisabe - every aspect is customisable!

- Email sent via Google Mail which is Whitelisted Everywhere (high deliverability success)

- Collect/Store any form data in a Spreadsheet for easy viewing (perfect if you need to share it with non-technical people).

Instead of using a server to send your email, which is easy but requires maintenance, use Google to send mail on your behalf and use Google Spreadsheets to keep track of the data!

To set up contact forms, you just need to go through a few steps, you can read how to do this in the documentation for the project.

2. The next additional category is registration and sign in forms, for their work you will need to use a backend in order to set up a logical verification structure and correct login to your site.

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