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A login page is a door that users must open in order to get the best out of their user experience with a website.

It is the starting point of navigating a website in a personalized manner. By creating an account on a website, you get to customize some aspects of your experience with the site and get access to membership benefits.

Well-designed website login pages should inspire a sense of security. A poor login page will immediately influence your conversion rate because people are not going to sign up in the first place.

Designing a website login page properly is a condition of owning a website, considering that this page is most likely to be accessed by users at least once per browsing session. People who want to access their accounts can’t do it without reaching the login page, and if the login screen is not designed properly and it’s a pain to use, you’ll lose users.

felicitous login & signup and forgot password form has a clean code and unique design with background snow animation with wow effect.

This form are used in company website, small online business, personal website, admin panel, and much more security


  1. Background snow animation
  2. wow Animation on load
  3. Responsive Pages
  4. Built with Bootstrap 4
  5. SCSS
  6. Jquery
  7. Easy to customize
  8. Dedicated support

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