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Sports Icons Sets to Download - SVG, PNG, ICO, EPS, PSD, CMX

Sports icons are widely used across the web. Their capability to communicate visually makes them the perfect choice for representing an object, idea, or general concept.

It doesn't matter the industry. Throughout the internet, it's plenty of icons designed by experts and capable of graphically representing almost everything.

And sports icons are not an exception.

Whether you'd like to represent sports training or activity, they'll perform this function at best.

Apart from their eye-catching visual functionality, icons are appreciated for other factors.

One of them is that they are globally recognized. People worldwide can understand their meaning and associate them with objects or ideas without reading even a line of text.

This explains how icons can break language and cultural barriers.

Apart from being universally recognizable and understood by foreign people, users from your same country or who speak the language you used for your document or website expect to find icons within them. This happens because people are accustomed to those symbols, and content that doesn't have them could disorientate the users, who will probably attempt to leave.

Furthermore, icons are vector-based graphics. This means they'll keep their high resolution, even if you decide to resize or reshape them. And they're all editable and customizable. You can change their color, shapes, or design.

However, to work properly and produce the desired results, icons should have a high resolution and a nice-looking design. This could request the expertise of a designer. If you're not able to use certain software to realize icons, you probably won't be able to generate a good result.

This is why many prefer to buy ready-to-use icons, saving time and money.

Sport Icons at TemplateMonster

At TemplateMonster marketplace, you can find several sports icon sets.

The sets are created to allow design consistency. This way, you can use them harmoniously throughout your document, presentation, or website.

Experts and available in different formats design all the icons. Plus, they're editable. Thus, even if you don't find a design that fits your brand identity or personal preferences, you can then edit them using some online tools or professional software.

Types of sports icons

There are different types of icons representing various sports. Some of the most common you can encounter across the TemplateMonster marketplace are:

  • bowling;
  • gym;
  • skateboard;
  • horse riding;
  • yoga;
  • archer;
  • football;
  • running;
  • volleyball;
  • swimming;
  • tennis.

Where to add sports icons

Sports icons can fit different formats and sizes. You can widely use them, whatever your aim is. Some of the common places where they're added are:

  • websites;
  • mobile apps;
  • presentations;
  • social media posts;
  • Instagram stories highlight covers;
  • flyers;
  • eBooks;
  • business cards.

Icon formats available at TemplateMonster

Icons are available in different formats. Each format is best suitable for a specific use. Thus, according to your needs, you can choose among the following formats:

How to choose sports icons

Choosing icons shouldn't be a random process. There are some essential elements to keep into consideration.

Below are listed some of the most relevant.

Clear meaning

The icons should be able to communicate the object or idea they represent immediately. This is why you should choose designs that represent their meaning at best. Opt for common representations, the ones that are known globally.

Simple design

When choosing an icon, you should pay attention to its design. It should be simple and clear. This means it's better to avoid confusing and intricate styles. These types of designs could make the icons difficult to understand and confuse the users.

Design consistency

The design of the icons you choose should be in line with the one you used across your website or document. Too different designs look unprofessional and aren't nice to see. Making a bad first impression is not a good idea. When it occurs, users hardly visit a website or interact with content a second time.

How icons can improve your website

Apart from improving the user experience, icons also present other more practical advantages.

Below are listed some of the most important.


Icons are lightweight files. This means that even if you add them to your website, they won't slow it down nor ruin its performance. Contrary to raster images, icons will keep their file size even if resized and made bigger. Thus, your website will load as fast as it used to without icons. This will help improve your ranking on Google results, as it prioritizes those websites that can immediately provide the users with the information they need.


Icons are vectors. This signifies they can be reshaped or resized without experiencing any loss in transparency. They will keep their original high resolution guaranteeing a professional and elegant design. This means you can easily adapt them to the dimensions of the other content present on your website, ensuring proportionality and accurate refinement.


If you intend to buy ready-to-use icons, but you're not completely satisfied with their style, you'll be able to edit them according to your preferences. All icons are easily editable using numerous online tools or professional software. The editing can be related to the colors, shapes, or overall design. This means you can customize the icons with the style of your brand, ensuring design consistency.

Build brand identity

Icons with a unique design help you build a brand identity. They'll visually deliver originality and a unique style to users' minds. Icon colors and design will make your brand immediately recognizable across the internet.

Eye-catching look

First of all, icons are visual elements. With this being said, they'll confer an eye-catching look to your content, making it more interesting to interact further with it and read.

Icons serve as breaks

Nobody likes to read walls of text. They're outmoded, and users get annoyed very easily when they see them. This is why you can use icons as breaks and split those walls into smaller parts. This way, you'll come up with a tidy layout, and you'll improve the readability.

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Sports Icons FAQ

What are sports icons?

Sports icons are graphical representations of different activities. Some examples include soccer, volleyball, and swimming icons.

Are sports icons vector or raster?

Icons are vector-based images. Contrary to raster graphics, which are pixel-based images, vectors can be scaled up or down indefinitely without losing transparency and sharpness.

How to edit sports icons?

All icons are editable. This means you can easily adjust and reshape them according to your preferences or necessity. To edit them, you’ll need to use an online editing tool or professional software. Some of the most relevant are:

  • Adobe Illustrator;
  • RedKetchup;
  • CorelDraw;
  • Flaticon editor;
  • X-icon editor.

How to convert JPG into SVG sports icons?

For several different reasons, you may need to convert your icons from JPG to SVG format. In this case, you need to use one of the numerous available online converters. Some of the most common are:

  • Convertio;
  • Aconvert;
  • AnyConv.

Sports Icons Unlimited Download at MonsterONE

If you need more than a sports icon set or want to make frequent updates, then a subscription to MosterONE can be a good choice for you. It will allow you to download unlimited sets and other graphical representations made by experts.