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Epic Cinematic Track "Thunderstorm"
Inspiring and powerful cinematic track. Imagine a sea storm approaching on you, hurricane wind blowing and sea water splashs! Royalty free music with lots of energy and action! Best choice for cinema trailers, teasers, movies, sport and motivational videos, anime, cartoons, youtube projects etc.
Space Track "Stars Motion"
A futuristic, energetic rising space trailer. You can realy imagine stars motion deep in the space! An awesome quality of sound and fantastic mood! Best choice for movies, cinemas, trailers and teasers, video games, cinematic pojects, intros, futuristic and space videos.
Inspiring Art Rock Theme "The Colors of Fate"
An inspiring, uplifting and motivational aesthetic rock music with awesome live electric guitars, incredible guitar solo(perfomed by professional guitar player, groovy drums, rock bass, staccatto strings, solo duduk and flute. Best choice for cinematic projects, movie trailers and soundtracks, broadcasting, advertising, easy listening etc. 
Inspirational Piano "Spring Flows"
An inspiring, romantic cinematic piano track with beautiful grand piano and bright pad, great background for youtube videos, landscapes, slideshows, documentaries, love videos, discovery videos, adverts, presentations, inspiring nature videos and a lot more!
Cinematic Trailer "Ultimate Countdown"
An inspiring, marvelous cinematic trailer with different parts and moods - fantastic ambient and action parts! Includes cinematic piano, plucks, synths, pads, action strings, legato strings, glorious horns, powerful epic drums, sound design, risers and fx. Perfect, ideal track for cinema trailers, teasers, movies, soundtracks, film scores, action scenes etc.
Classical Piano "Mind of Great Pianist"
Modern classic piano composition perfomed and recorded by virtuoso from our team. Very deep and dramatic music with excellent stage perfomance and fantastic sound of Great piano. You can get a self pleasure just listening it in the evening with glass of wine! Elite choice for cinema, theatre, drama, figure scating, TV, video projects etc.
Emotional Piano "Last Hope"
An emotional, energetic dramatic piano with outstanding quality of sound and brilliant perfomance! Best choice for figure scating, theatre drama, melodrama, tv series, movie and cinema trailers, soundtracks, emotional scenes, youtube videos and a lot more!
Ambient Fanatsy "Earth Song"
A very beautiful, fascinating, atmospheric and relaxing ambient track filled with wonderful elven female voices, charming duduk, relaxing soundscapes, deep piano, ethereal pads, relaxing drums and percussion. Perfect for documentaries, inspiring timelapse videos, landscapes, underwater world videos, presentations, natural and geographical projects, movie soundtracks, videos, forest and nature footages, background for YouTube, Vimeo, ecological and environmental protection projects and much more.
Classical Piano "Eternal Classic"
Eternal piano composition written by Alessandro Marcello and transcripted by Great J.S.Bach! An awesome record of live grand piano by professional pianist from our team! Best choice for high quality cinema projects, actions, plays, figure scating, tv shows, trailers, advertising etc.
Orchestral Piano "A New World"
A marvelous, full of beauty and inspiration music with real orchestra in soundtrack style with lots of melodies. This high quality track with awesome sound creates unique atmosphere and magic mood. Best choice for cinema, cartoons, movies, animations, video games, trailers, teasers, promos etc.
New Age Piano "Tears and Hope"
A touching, beautiful royalty free music with awesome combination of deep piano, breathing flute and cello with chamber orchestra. It is sad cinematic theme of high quality sound and recording. Best choice for cinema, movie, trailers, teasers, drama, figure scating, soundtrack, discovery and nature videos.
Inspiring Trailer "Protector of the Sky"
A powerful, heroic royalty free cinematic track with raging strings, brass, epic drums, braams and deep hits, best choice for action trailers, war scenes, video games. movie teasers, cinematic openers, epic scenes, advertising, achieve videos and youtube content.
Future Technology "Innovation News"
An inspiring, modern royalty free music theme with a warm piano, synths, orchestral strings, brass and cool beats, best choice for TV shows, news, social projects, business presentations, movie trailers, advertising, medicine thematics, science or tech vlogs.
Inspiring Sport Music "The North Peak"
An inspiring, motivational epic music with modern beat, cold piano, cinematic strings and brass, pads, synths, transition effects and elements of dubstep in final part, ideal for movie trailers, teasers, inspiring videos, sport and motivational content, panoramic videos and presentations.
Ambient Music "Peace of Mind"
A beautiful, ethereal meditative ambient music with cinematic piano, deep pads and bass, ambient synths and fx, electric drums and percussion, strings pizzicato, harp and flute, ideal music for meditation projects, timelapse video, landscapes, cinema soundtracks, movie trailers, rain videos etc.
Discovery Nature "Miracles of Love"
A beautiful and inspiring cinematic track with orchestra, female choir, cinematic piano, epic drums, percussion, cymbals and some fx, ideal for landscapes, love stories, inspirational videos, ceremony awards, documentary videos, discovery and geographical movies.
Romantic Piano "Waterfalls Valley"
Calm, ethereal and peaceful piano track with outstanding grand piano perfomance, solo flute, percussion, cinematic bells and strings, some pads and effects. Music of amazing beauty, kindness, hope and love! Imagine yourself in a magic valley of virgin nature with big rainbows on the sky and shining waterfalls! Ideal for nature videos, movie soundtracks, weddings, love stories, landscapes, discovery channels, baby videos, Youtube projects, advertising etc.
Inspiring Piano "Power of Imagination"
  An inspirational, emotional amazing piano music track with remarkable sound and outstanding perfomance. Recorded and perfomed by professional pianist! Thoughtful, touching, inspiring and emotional music, that can be heard and used in various type of productions: inspiring films, movies, teasers, videos, soundtracks, documentaries, media projects, broadcast, promo video, advertising, promotion YouTube and Vimeo, for product video
Futuristic Track "Cyberpunk"
Futuristic, atmospheric and alarming track that took a part in composers competition by HBO "Westworld" tv series. Great sound and atmosphere will let you fell yourself in a future! Best choice for high technology projects, video games, movie trailers, action scenes etc.
Inspiring cinematic "Legend Rising"
A Powerful, glorious cinematic opener with hybrid orchestra, cinematic piano, female elven singer, electric guitar, huge epic and rock drums, synth, pads and transition effects. Grand sound with elements of binaural mastering makes this cinematic music very exciting and panoramic! Best choice for cinema trailers, teasers, video games, adverts, battle scenes, sport and motivational videos.
Action Trailer "Stormkeeper"
An inspiring, epic and adventure track with lots of energy and action!Includes cinematic strings, epic drums, brass, piano and synths. Best choice for cinema trailers and teasers, sport and motivational videos, video games, youtube content, cartoons and movies.
Epic Cinematic "Brave Heart"
An inspiring, powerful cinematic orchestra theme with lots of energy and drive. Powerful cinematic brass and strings, epic drums, grand piano and some effects makes your projects unique and expensive! Best choice for cinema, movie, trailers, teasers, intros, advertising and presentations. Sounds like real live orchestra!
Ceremony Awards "State of Honor"
An inspiring, triumphal and solemn orchestra theme with cinematic strings and brass, epic drums, flute, belss and orchestra cymbals,ideal as a fanfare or opening ceremony, award ceremony, awards show, opening of the festival, awarding the winners, awards night, beauty pageant, Olympic awards, for opening Soccer World Cup, nomination, quiz, video about the journeys, Epical video, ceremonial video, drone video, landscapes, nature, Love story, wedding
Cinematic Action "Battlefury"
A powerful, resolute cinematic trailer with huge epic drums, cinematic strings and brass, rock guitar, cinematic choir, some synths and transition effects, best choice for cinema trailers and teasers, movie soundtracks, sport and motivational videos, action scenes, fishing videos, youtube projects etc.
Movie Trailer "The Avengers"
An epic, hybrid royalty-free cinematic trailer theme, with a soft piano, synths, brass, strings, fx, and strong drums. Music of ideal quality and sound, best for movie trailers, soundtracks, epic scenes, sport achievments, games, dark fantasy footage, etc.
Dramatic Piano "Sky Ascention"
An ethereal, lyrical, uplifting and atmospheric cinematic piece with deep piano, cinematic strings, flute, horn section, eepic drums, female choir, bells, some textures and pads. This touching music of amazing beauty and hope is the best choice for cinema trailers, intros, movie soundtracks, tv series, panoramic videos, discovery and science projects, melodrama etc.
Action Trailer "Storm Of Adventure"
An inspiring, powerful and uplifting cinematic piece with awesome orchestra sound, epic drums, cinematic choirs, some synths and fx. You will be fantastically satisfied by this music! Ideal choice for movie trailers, cinematic openers, teasers, movie soundtracks, film scores, Youtube videos, battle and war scenes, fantasy video games etc.
Ethnic Piano "Heart of Sogdiana"
An emotional, inspiring, dramatic cinematic piano track with outstanding quality of sound and brilliant live perfomance with ethnic colors of Middle Asia! Music about ancient land in the Middle Asia called Sogdiana, with such great and beautiful cities of the past like Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva and others! Best choice for movie soundtracks, trailers, teasers, documentaries, presentations, advertising, epic videos, Youtube projects, figure scating, theatre, drama, tv series etc
Romantic Piece "Wedding Song "
Romantic, inspirational and celebrating music with bright piano, cinematic strings, pad, cymbals, groovy beat and bass, perfect background for wedding ceremony, love story, greeting card, time-lapse video, film score, inspirational slideshow, romantic movie, melodrama trailer, nostalgic and sentimental movie, journey video, inspirational presentation, family footage and any other cultural or media project.
Meditative Track "Valley Of Lhasa"
A calm, meditative inspiring track with eastern ethnic colors!The harmonious background and readable soft sounds of this music will help your mind get relax and rid of the stress. Instruments were used in this track: bells, piano, solo flute, atmospheric pad, pizzicato strings, spicatto strings violin solo, cello solo, percussion, wind chimes and vocal samples Ideal for relaxation,meditation video, yoga video, relaxing video, commercial projects, background music,beautiful nature video, TV etc
Motivational Music "No Step Back"
A powerful, inspiring cinematic piece with lots of energy and epic mood. Very exciting and panaramic music with high quality sound. Includes cinematic strings and brass, epic drums, deep piano, some synths and fx. Best for trailers, movies, intros, teasers, youtube videos, sport and motivation content.
Epic Adventure "Steps of Glory"
An inspiring and dramatic royalty free cinematic piece with strings, brass, synths, hybrid fx, background choirs and epic drums, best for movie trailers, teasers, cinematic intros, youtube videos, advertising, presentations, sport and motivational videos, action scenes or endings.
Piano Track "Smile of Love"
An inspiring, bright and kind piano music with awesome sound, great background for landscapes, slideshows, timelapses, hopeful and sentimental videos, figure scating, theatre, nature videos, love and wedding videos, youtube projects, inspiring videos, slideshows etc.
Mystery Soundtrack "Fairy Tale"
A dark, ambient royalty free Halloween track with eerie piano bits, strings, wind fx, some synths and deep drums, great for mystery and horror movies, video games, cartoons, animation, tv shows, soundtracks, trailers, dark and scary videos or night visuals.
Epic Trailer "Glorious Battle"
An inspiring, powerful and atmospheric royalty free epic piece with deep piano, epic drums, cinematic strings and brass, pads and some effects, best for cinema trailers and teasers, youtube videos, war and battle scenes, advertising, gopro, Youtube projects etc.
Panda Soundtrack "Adventure in China"
An inspiring, royalty free funny adventure theme. Music intro is calm and wandering, main and chorus theme are groovy, fun and heroic. Includes cinematic strings and brass, flute, bass guitar, acoustic drums, pads and some transition effects. Best choice for cinema soundtracks, trailers, teasers, movies, video games, youtube videos, tv shows, sport and motivational content