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Простое решения для быстрого лендинга. Быстро и удобно разворачивается.
The theme is clean and clear. A powerful builder is available in order to customize the theme. I recommend.
I have bought this theme, to create a site for Hous building supervisor websiteThe transformation for my purpose was very easy going. theme is classic bootstrap type, so it was extremely easy to change everything that I have needed for my purpose. Also the builder is the thing, what I am really happy about. What I am missing is contact form, which is not included in this theme. However, the composition of native aspect is very comfy. So all in all I really advise this theme for an easier websites, with low amount of text included.
Thank you for your feedback. Landing Page is a one-page template that doesn't include a contact form. You may contact our custom design partner from and they will make the form for some additional fee.
El template está excelente, contiene todos los archivos html, iconos y algo que es increíble es que trae los psd así puedes hacer modificaciones para mostrar al cliente.
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