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nice template, we ware use this as kidilios.com website nice and attractive thanks
My name is Joaquim Fernandes, I am web developer and develop sites and online stores since 1999. always get good templates here in templatemonster.com. I chose this template for 5 reasons: clean design, usability, concept art for products for babies and children, the layout of the content and photos of banners that meet the project objectives that I developed for my client. Even with a vast technical knowledge in html, css and php use the template reduces the virtual store development time. My client is very satisfied with the result. Remember, the templatemonster.com support is very efficient, I am very satisfied with TemplateMonster. I have only one suggestion, the templatemonster should offer whitelabel to partner agencies in your affiliate program, so we could release more models and sell more templates.
This template is great, loved it!
I like this shop!

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