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A large majority of employers now prefer well crafted online resumes and visual-based CV sites to traditional CVs. People are getting used to browse online for job seekers.

If you are applying for a more creative job, better have the slightly more modern design of your resume. TemplateMonster has designed and made it easy to polish a great CV for you and assist your chances of getting a suitable job.

Taking a resume design template and creating your new CV off it is a good idea. But what are Resume Designs we deliver? These are 1 page resume templates built on WordPress with Cherry Framework. Think an online version of your CV that, apart from your work experience, skills and achievements, has a variety of appealing graphics, images, and all the extra bits you need to present within a professional CV.

Our WordPress resume themes are composed in a competent, and often entertaining, style having all those parts of a modern CV:

  • Bio - a neat block featuring your biography.
  • Technical Skills - modern graphics to highlight your qualifications.
  • Education/Work Experience - a section that presents your previous experience and career path.
  • Portfolio - resume design templates can handle your images nicely.
  • Contact Form - having this functionality will let you stay in touch and get emails from recruiters.

WordPress CV Themes, having been built with the Cherry Framework, inherit all the great functions this framework provides. The resume design template allows you to edit which elements are displayed on the CV and bring out the best of your skills.

HR managers always want to see a sense of personality, so you can easily change the layout of your resume and apply many self-marketing strategies into it. Resume designs will fit it nicely, they work surprisingly well.

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