Best Team Landing Page Templates

People like to know more about the team they work with. It creates a feeling of security and makes the company's image more personal. Clients start considering your employees as personal acquaintances, raising trust. For a business owner, it means that the section with the description of your departments and the photos of the staff is a must-have. With the help of team landing page themes, you'll make this section easily and in the shortest terms.

These products already include the required block; you only have to insert pictures and present the people you work with most attractively. Please don't be shy; tell us about their high qualifications and great professional skills. Mention their education and experience and ensure high-quality photos.

Presentation of your team is a promotion tool; it gives you another opportunity to convince the visitors to choose your services and prefer your company over the competitors. Use this competitive advantage to the fullest extent and mention all your strengths; it can significantly raise the conversion rate.

Don't forget that the team section is not the only benefit you get from buying these wonderful products. They are ideal for the creation of a landing for the promotion of your service or good. It means that they include numerous useful features and options. You get the ready landing and need only to upload your content and adjust the design.

All these factors make the themes the best product for site building and give you all the tools to make your resource in a matter of hours. They are also a great way to save money on designer services.

Useful Features of Team Members Landing Page Templates

The first valuable feature of these products is obvious at first sight. Its modern, clean design was developed according to the industry's latest trends and tendencies. They highlight the project's theme and ensure a positive first impression of visitors. The potential clients immediately precept the resource as professional and your company as reliable. It's the best way to show professionalism and attention to detail at the first stage of communication.

Another great characteristic is mobile-friendliness. It means that the absence of a PC won't be an obstacle to accessing your site. It works perfectly on any device, and the page layout adapts to any screen size. You can be sure that important information stays visible, and the visitors can use all the forms and buttons.

The theme also provides different fonts; you can change them to make the project unique. The process of changing is convenient and fast. Select the desired font type and size, and see an immediate site update.

The previous advantage is the consequence of a great feature of simple and intuitive editing. You don't need programming skills to adjust the design or remove or add blocks. You don't even have to open the source code. All the adjustments take place in a user-friendly editor. The drag and drop function allows adding and deleting pictures with the mouse buttons.

In the order package, you'll get the full documentation for the template. In these guidelines, you can find the instructions on installing, editing and adjusting the products. Usually, the documentation is enough to start working with the template. The file also contains all the necessary technical details.

The goal of the landing is the attraction of visitors and bringing you new customers. To raise the conversion rate, the developers include a functional contact form. Your visitors can ask their questions and get in contact with you in a fast and convenient way.

If your product is region specific, you can use the Google Maps integration to ensure the correct presence in the search results. It facilitates finding a target audience and promoting the company in the correct place. Your visitors will also appreciate the map with convenient routes to your office.

And last but not least, the main characteristic of this catalog: is the section for your teampresentation. It's a valuable opportunity to show the company members in the most advantageous light and convince customers of their expertise. Include the photos of the key employees; it will make the landing unique and more personal.

The Application of Team Landing Themes

The name of this section stays for itself; these products are a perfect source for landing creation. They include one page with all required blocks and allow presenting of all information you want to tell about the product or services you offer. Each has a special block for your team's description and its members' presentation.

Use this valuable option to establish more personal and trustful relationships with your customers. After reading this section, they get the impression of personal acquaintance. It builds trust and facilitates selling the product. In short, the items from this catalog are the best choice to make landing for the promotion of your offer.

Regarding the market sector, the portfolio of themes includes a great variety. You can find templates for literally any business. Regardless of your niche, there is a suitable theme for your site.

The user-friendliness makes these products suitable for beginners. After reading the documentation and watching educational videos, anyone can manage the installation and adjustment of the template. The convenient editor allows working with files directly without editing the code.

For experienced professional developers, templates can be a great resource. They speed up the process of site-building and eliminate the necessity to hire a designer. In other words, these products are suitable for anyone who wants to create a one-pager.

Tips for Creating a Successful Team Landing Page

Template Monster's developers ensure attractive design and functions. The content and good presentation of the service are on you. Follow this short guide, and your project will reach success:

  1. Clearly determine the goal of the resource. It can be spreading the information, selling, or collecting the email addresses of the visitors.
  2. Define the target audience and describe the preferences of this group.
  3. Check the competitors and analyze their resources.
  4. Prepare the content. Now you know the specifics of the target group. Describe your offer to make it attractive and unique.
  5. Define the number of blocks. Don't forget to prepare pictures of your team and information about each employee.
  6. Adjust the design according to your goals and preferences. Make the landing unique and as attractive for the target group as possible.
  7. Select the color scheme and the fonts. They shouldn't distract the visitors, and at the same time, you can highlight the main information with color accents.
  8. Don't forget about the technical aspect of your resource functionality. Select reliable hosting, ensuring continuous work and constant access to your resource. The domain name is not that important for landing. Its goal is to attract attention, not to become a frequently visited site.

These simple recommendations will help you to do an amazing project and get many new clients. Carefully plan the information you want to present. Mention the most important things first, and ensure the highest possible quality of the pictures you add to the landing. It's your chance to interest the public, don't ruin it with blurred images.

Useful Video to Create a Perfect Website

Look at trending templates to create a unique resource for you and your team.

Team Landing Page Q&A

How many sites can I create with a personal license for team landing page templates?

This license can be used only for one personal website. With this license, you can't resell or redistribute the template or the end product based on it. If you need more pages, consider purchasing a commercial or business license.

Can you install and adjust the team landing page template for me?

Yes, you can order this service by checking the corresponding box in the item description. As a result, you'll get the following:

  1. Full installation and activation of the chosen template.
  2. Logo implementation.
  3. Color scheme fine-tune.
  4. Replacement of the default images and texts with your content on a landing page.
  5. Contact form activation and map configuration.

In other words, you will get a beautiful website created in line with your requirements. Once the project is finished, you can start working on the site.

Can I download this team landing page theme for free?

This is a premium product with multiple functions and options. The price is stated in the description. If you are planning to purchase multiple items, Template Monster offers a MonsterONE subscription. It allows unlimited free downloads for a reasonable monthly fee. Pay once a month and get all the products you want.

Can I sell the site made with the team landing page template?

It depends on the type of license you choose. For example, the personal license allows making the resource only for personal use. You can sell the end product with a commercial license, but you can make only five sites with one theme. If this isn't enough for you, select the business license. It allows the making and selling of up to 50 landings made with one template.