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Barrister Lawyer & Attorney HTML5 Template
Barrister Lawyer & Attorney HTML5 TemplateBarrister Lawyer & Attorney HTML5 Template is a perfect choice for any law firm because its an agile tempalte which can be used for a single lawyer or a group of laywers in a law firm.What's special about Barrister Lawyer & Attorney HTML5 Template is the UX and UI design which is focused on the user experiece and the information displayed for the user.If you are searching for a Lawyer Oriented template, then you are looking at the right tempalate, Barrister has several Lawyer Profile layouts along with four services layouts.Additionally, Barrister Lawyer & Attorney HTML5 Template includes a functioning contact form which will allow your clients to contact you easily via your contact form linked directly to your preffered email.Barrister Lawyer & Attorney HTML5 Template Pages Included (33 pages)
  1. 404 page
  2. about page
  3. blog details page
  4. blog grid page
  5. blog grid sidebar page
  6. blog list page
  7. checkout page
  8. classification page
  9. coming soon page
  10. contact page
  11. faq page
  12. gallery page
  13. gallery 2 page
  14. index page
  15. index 2 page
  16. index 3 page
  17. index 4 page
  18. lawyer left page
  19. lawyer left style 2 page
  20. lawyer profile page
  21. lawyer right page
  22. lawyer right style 2 page
  23. legal page
  24. login page
  25. my account page
  26. register
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