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Valtre Travel Bootstrap HTML Website Template
Valtre is a flexible and simple template built on top of Bootstrap. It includes pages you can use “as is” or customize to build others amazing effects, perfects for your work.Beautiful Page Examples1.Landing Page: This page has as its main theme, travel and recreational activities, but you can adapt it to any other idea. It is designed simply and cleanly, providing a relaxing sensation. The elements that should not be missing on a launch page were taken into account, clearly delimiting the content and orienting its sections so that you only need to complete the information with the data of your interest.2. Secondary Pages: A series of pages are provided that complement the main idea of the topic. These pages will provide a starting point to build your website, including blog, about us, services among others.3.Account Pages: The purpose of these pages is for you to quickly build your website, including mechanisms for administration and access control.Why our themes?Valtre is a small project, designed with the objective of building a launch page in the shortest possible time but without neglecting