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Viory - Modern Infographic Statistics Presentation
Periodically, businesses need to report their outputs and data using statistics that sometimes can be a little boring. But, you can make it to be more fun and interesting than other statistical presentations. All you need is more creative charts with a refreshing presentation design. Presenting you Viory, a modern and professional business presentation template with colorful chart designs. Make your report, company, or offering presentations using this template.Each slide that contains statistics in this template is designed uniquely using the bar, area, and pie chart models to represent your numeric information. In other slides, some are designed with infographics to represent your textual data. With the comfy combination of pink and white in the background, this template will catch the audience’s attention. Perfect for your company, corporate, start-up, entrepreneur, professional, and business presentation.Viory, a professional modern infographic statistic presentation template, consists of 10 unique template designs, available in PPT and PPTX format files. You can edit the text, image, and color on the template using Microsoft PowerPoint or any other compatible application on your device to meet your preferences or
Last updated: 18.10.21