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Apparel Responsive Magento Theme
This Apparel Magento theme is Search Engine Friendly What is it?Search Engine Optimized templates were intended to attract web users and web engine bots to your online site. Why is it Good?The Search engine ready design ensures that the website will be successfully indexed and positioned higher by Google. Find latest Search Engine Friendly Magento themes here This is Fashion & Beauty News Magento design template with On-line chat functionality What is it?On-line chat can help you speak with your clientele real-time. Why is it Good?On-line chats improve user engagement and raise website conversion rates.Click for more On-line chat Magento design templates here This is a Parallax Fashion Magento design template What is it?Parallax certainly is the popular web development effect, which causes the background and in addition forefront layers shift at diverse speeds. Why is it Good?It generates an intense impression for the end user, and thus getting a significant audience and compelling people to stick to the website. It's actually a easy way to include a highlight to a one-page website, revive an infographic, tell a story or
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Last updated: 20.11.14