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Mindmap - Keynote template
16 Premium Mindmap Template for Keynote:
  • 16 Unique Slides
  • 7 pre-made color
  • .KEY files
  • Easy to edit
  • Standart fonts Arial and Impac. No need install.
16 unique ready-made slides comprise this tree mind map template. You are free to choose one of 7 color variations. The slides are well-equipped with necessary built-in tools and all modern useful elements. The template is supported by various Keynote versions.The template includes various modifications of mind maps. Here, you’ll definitely find the slide you need. There are the schemes with one of two branch level, with text blocks and without them, and many others.Some important functions of network mind map make it popular and widely-used:
  • It is a perfect guide, support. You can remind information looking at the scheme.
  • It allows logic structuring of your thoughts. Due to this feature, you can coherently develop the idea, question; find the answers to the questions.
  • Visualization of boring information and ideas. With this scheme, any complex question, data, topic can be written down clearly and vividly.
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Last updated: 21.03.18