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Sportek - Gym Responsive Creative Joomla Template
Sports will always be relevant and many are interested in the possibility of opening their own website related to this topic. The Sports Studio Joomla Template will make this possibility much closer to you. This Joomla template is perfect for a sports studio site and similar resources. In this solution, many different effects, animations, and technologies were used. All of them contribute to the beautiful presentation of the material. But, despite this, the admin panel looks very simple and with a couple of clicks, you can reconfigure any of the available elements. The product has been prepared to work with various Joomla editions. This Outdoors& Travel Joomla design template is Responsive What is it?Responsive web design solution makes a internet site's interface adjustable for just about any type of screen resolution. Why is it Good?Along with the expanding fascination with smartphones, the quantity of users who log on to the websites from smartphones has grown a lot. This kind of functionality helps you to change websites to cellular devices and different screen extensions, eventually providing mobile device owners with enhanced
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Last updated: 23.04.18