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Nice Cloud Smiles Set - Illustration
Nice Cloud Smiles Set contains 24 vector cute smiles with blue cloud symbol in cartoon outline style for weather forecast, cloud storage and data synchronization, nature mood and climate crisis. Nice emojis are ideal for icons in social post, greeting card, banner, patch, decal, decoration for poster, invitation, flyer, printing on t-shirt, clothes and other tissue. Cute cloud stickers outline illustrations set. Various cartoon emoticons. Social media emoji pack.The preview images and mockup elements are not included.Cheerful emotional clip art approaches for print, event design, emblem, clothes, stikers, hipster style and other design decoration and elements about amour, smile, love, laughing, angry, negative and positive emotions. Funny clipart about mood and feelings.Tne next emotional symbols with plant are:
  • warm smile with dimples,
  • happy smile with teeth,
  • loving eyes,
  • happy laughter,
  • numb face,
  • unhappy facewith a tear,
  • angry and angry emoticon,
  • bored neutral face,
  • happy face with dimples and big smile,
  • tired and pained emoji with his tongue hanging out,
  • winking sly look,
  • unhappy and incredulous expression,
  • sad and upset sign,
  • cute laugh icon,
  • sad and tired face,
  • smile with a wink and a kiss,
  • smile in shock with his mouth ajar,
  • surprised smile,
  • sweaty and exhausted with a sick
Last updated: 24.02.20