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  • "Their templates are so good - I won’t use anybody else."
  • "They're quick, easy and affordable!"
  • "By buying a template I can have a website up in as little as a day!"
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United States

Sarah was awesome! I had lost my file that I made changes to with a prior technician, and she quickly gave me the answer again, so I didn't have to reinvent the wheel. Then she stayed with me even longer just in case I had issues with another problem I was testing. I left 100% satisfied!

Amirah Owens

United States

I worked with Hanna who was kind enough to help me solve some CSS issues I was having. She took her time and gave me the correct answer each time. Dynamite customer service!

Lee S. Baker

United States

Vanessa was incredibly professional and quickly answered all questions and made it feel easy. Thanks Vanessa! Great support.



I disturbed them a lot. Honestly, they are very much supportive. And I'm just surprised at their excellent design and assistance.. God bless you...


United States

Kristy was absolutely wonderful to work with. In only thirty minutes she fixed the problem I had installing my theme and uploaded it for me. She was very respectful and sincerely listened to my questions. I recommend buying your themes from TemplateMonster. The price points are low, themes are easy to maneuver, and the support you receive is priceless.



Vanessa has been effective, fast, and very helpful. The features that one always hopes to find the other side of the computer! The support is not insignificant: thank you!


United States

Amina is a rock star, excellent support!




Best Service Ever! Got help of Amina with some stuff and she was so nice, and helped me with everything. Businesses should educate themselves of TemplateMonster how to take care of the customers, I have wanted to pay for the service but TemplateMonster did not accept it.



United States

I struggled like crazy to fix a layout problem. Kristi worked so well with me to get it fixed. I spent all weekend on forums and asking questions to programmers and she did it all for me. Thank you, Thank you!!! Kristi!


Leon Veltman


Great support chat. Always friendly and helpful. In one word - super. Greets, Leon

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