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Excellent technical support from Judy. Within minutes all the issues I was facing with the new template, I purchased today, were fixed. Very friendly and helpful! Thanks Judy!




TemplateMonster's technical support is first rate. Whenever I got stuck I could rely on the technicians to help me out. In business, you're only as good as your vendors. Besmellah Thundre


Matic Jurkošek


It took a few hours on Saturday afternoon to do my first template edit. My IT guy obviously did a lousy job and I was stuck with semi-installed theme trying to edit it. After talking to Jason and later Karin, I got the template up and I don't have that many questions left. And even if I did, I know they will help me again. They went through installation, image modification, icon changes together with me. I can say that TemplateMonster has one of the best services on-line. I really recommend them! Thanks team.



United States

I was having issues with editing this template as I am kind of new to WordPress. I connect with live chat and Karin helped me out so much. She helped me get my website up and running locally and helped me with editing really specific web pages. The template is great but Karin, Karin was just amazing.

Martijn Vosbergen


Great support from Julia. The service was fantastic. In 10 minutes my problem was solved and my website was working fine. Thanks Julia!

Kay Strathus


The live chat is by far the best service I have encountered on the web so far! These people are really patient and helpful and if they don´t know, they tell you so and inquire for a proper answer to your problem. 5 stars and both thumbs up!


United States

Awesome technical support. Keep up the great job. Very polite and fast. Thanks again for real support.


United States

Customer support and technical support is better than any other I've ever encountered. Every time I've had to ask a question, they've answered it without second-guessing. It's seriously remarkable.


United Kingdom

Very good customer services. Thanks for the help. I can highly recommend this services.

Art Sanchez

United States

I received absolutely the best support from Andre and Daniel. These guys know the stuff and are top notch professionals!!! Because of them, I will definitely come back and send more people to purchase from TemplateMonster. Great experience!!!!


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