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I just bought the product today. In general, I very much like it, because of the nice design templates and color themes. However, I can give it only a 3* rating because of the following reasons: 1. The icon set is very nice, but useless for now!!, because they are not searchable. You have to manually browse through thousands of them only to look for the ones you like! This is eye-hurting! My easy quick solution to this is: the developer just provides customers with all the individual icon files (SVG or PNG) with relevantly-defined file names (e.g. the bell icon can be provided as an independent SVG/PNG icon file named bell and so so). Then theyll become searchable! 2. There are relatively fewer slide layouts/templates compared to other template decks. The developer should add a bit more. Once these are fixed, Im more than happy to give it a 5* rating.
Nice clean design with a variety of slide formats. Installing the theme colors was straightforward; the documentation with the template is comprehensive and easy to follow.
Das Template ist sehr umfangreich und qualitativ hochwertig! Gut zu individualisieren.
Very high quality!!!! Stunning design and very easy to use! It is the kind of graphic that can help you to present much better your ideas!
One of the Best suites on the marked and proff and Quick support from the vendor

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