Investment in website maintenance pays the best interest

Website Maintenance from TemplateMonster

  • 24/7/365 Website Monitoring
  • Website Health Checks
  • Keeping Your Website Up-to-Date
  • Getting Rid of 404’s
  • Ensuring Browser Compatibility
  • Domain Name & Hosting Renewal
  • Weekly Website Backups
  • Dev Team Assistance (5 hours/mo)
  • Recommendations and Improvements
  • Monthly Reports
  • Improving Website Accessibility
Website Maintenance Service from TemplateMonster

Supported Platforms

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  • WooCommerce Logo
  • Shopify Logo
  • PrestaShop Logo
  • OpenCart Logo
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Do you care about your website?

Do you care about
your website?

How much time did you invest in keeping it updated, relevant, and safe? Are you sure that it doesn’t have technical mistakes that harm SEO and UX?

Unfortunately, most website owners like you are more concentrated on business development and don't have enough time and skills to handle all that. That's why we are here to suggest website maintenance services provided by the TemplateMonster team.

The main
benefits of getting our
maintenance service

Check all features & price
Check all features & price
Hassle free uptime monitoring

Hassle free
uptime monitoring

Weekly backups


Regular website health check

website health check

Dev team assistance

Dev team

How website maintenance will work for you

We’ll get in touch with you to start the service

As soon as you buy the plan, your personal manager will contact you. We’ll find out the necessary information about your site, including site admin access, to provide website maintenance. We’ll take into consideration all your needs and business preferences.

Enjoy your life while we do our magic

Promptly after we get access, we’ll initiate website maintenance procedures. We’ll monitor your site to make sure it’s accessible online and doesn't have any errors.

We’ve spent more than
10 months to create a
perfect solution to
maintain websites.

We value our clients and care about our reputation. A team of professionals with 15+ years of experience will do everything possible to give you the highest level of customer service. Our website maintenance services are made by and for humans.

Our main goal is to provide clients with a full stack of services at affordable prices. You will spend approximately $75 / mo, which is the lowest rate in the current market.

We’ve spent more than 10 months to create a perfect solution to maintain websites.

Looking for a fruitful cooperation?

  • Trusted Name
  • 15+ Years of Development Experience
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Affordable Prices
  • Quality Guarantee
Looking for a fruitful cooperation?Looking for a fruitful cooperation?

Local WebStudio

  • Trusted Name (supposedly)
  • Some Development Experience

  • No Uptime Monitoring
  • High Prices
  • Quality Guarantee

Inhouse Employee

  • Some Development Experience
  • Some Quality Guarantee

  • No Uptime Monitoring
  • High Prices


  • Affordable Prices

  • Low Development Experience
  • No Uptime Monitoring
  • No Quality Guarantee

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Years of Experience

Years of Experience

2+ Million Happy Customers



With Rating Excellent



Rating 4.8

What is our
main goal

What is our main goal
What is our main goal
Jack Martins
TM Website
Maintenance Manager

When it comes to website maintenance services, our primary goal is to honour the trust placed on us. TemplateMonster will guarantee you a personalized approach to your website and first-class services. Our team will ensure the flawless functioning of your site.

What is our main goal
Jacob Jones
TM Website
Maintenance Manager

Was your website hacked? Have you lost all the information from your website? We understand that it is not the best experience, but with our maintenance service, you can forget about it and rely on our experience. We will provide you with the full Regular website health check and monitor it.

What is our main goal
Jenny Wilson
TM Website
Maintenance Manager

We know how important it is to have a person who will take care of your website if you are a business owner and have no time to monitor and improve your website. So our team can take responsibility for your site while you’re doing your work.

Sudden crashes and unexpected errors always turn customers away.

Prevent your business from failing - get professional website maintenance today!