Herber - Accurate Organic Food Online Store Website Template

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Herber - Accurate Organic Food Online Store Website Template - Features Image 1Herber - Accurate Organic Food Online Store Website Template - Features Image 2Herber - Accurate Organic Food Online Store Website Template - Features Image 3Herber - Accurate Organic Food Online Store Website Template - Features Image 4Herber - Accurate Organic Food Online Store Website Template - Features Image 5Herber - Accurate Organic Food Online Store Website Template - Features Image 6Herber - Accurate Organic Food Online Store Website Template - Features Image 7Herber - Accurate Organic Food Online Store Website Template - Features Image 8
People want to consume healthy organic food and they want to get it without efforts - that's why food online stores are now popular and profitable. If you are going to start or expand your business to the internet and seek a nice template - Herber multipage HTML template is definitely the best solution. Its design is accurate, witty and, well, organic of some sort. The look pleases the eye with great sharp pictures and well thought out fonts. Besides the attractive appearance, the template also has smoothly working shopping functionality. The products are placed to the animated cards that could be added to the shopping cart.

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Easy to implement new changes! on this template good design!
Great, very modern, easy to implement. My client liked it a lot. Ideal for organic gardens, plots and production of fruits and vegetables
I like the way this template can be customized to virtually anything that you can think of. However, I feel that it lacks the variety that other templates may offer. For example, this template should only be used to provide a clear and easy way to expose the consumer to information regarding your company. Unfortunately, this template really doesn’t have that much of a sales aspect to it because there is no way to set up a shop with the base template itself. Instead you must purchase a $300+ installation package where the template monster support staff code in the shop for you. I made a careless mistake by not realizing this template couldn’t provide a commerce aspect for my business and that’s one of the reasons I am going to be changing templates in the future. Additionally, this template is very good at being responsive being that it is a responsive html template, however, I noticed that (at least when using the novi builder) some of the edits and changes id make on the desktop version of the template didn’t seem to always carry over to the mobile platform display. But, the edits and changes I did make that did end up carry over worked perfectly and flowed seamlessly on the alternative platforms. I would also make it easier for customers to edit specific portions of the template. There were times where I was significantly confused what piece of code was responsible for the way the template looked or function and due to that I found myself spending a lot of time talking to the template monster support team asking them what piece of code I should be looking at if I want to change a specific part of the template. This may not seem like a big deal because I could always just turn to the support team, but it caused my progression on the website to be slowed significantly. The template overall functions and works great and has several features that I really enjoyed, however, it just didn’t have what I was looking for in the end.

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