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Good Food Website Template - Features Image 1Good Food Website Template - Features Image 2Good Food Website Template - Features Image 3Good Food Website Template - Features Image 4Good Food Website Template - Features Image 5Good Food Website Template - Features Image 6Good Food Website Template - Features Image 7Good Food Website Template - Features Image 8Good Food Website Template - Features Image 9Good Food Website Template - Features Image 10Good Food Website Template - Features Image 11Good Food Website Template - Features Image 12Good Food Website Template - Features Image 13Good Food Website Template - Features Image 14Good Food Website Template - Features Image 15
Good Food is a perfect theme for recipes, or food and beverages blogs. The author placed template's elements over the photo of grunge wooden planks, which adds a unique touch to the layout. Full-screen header image of Food and Beverages Site Template features a plate with an appetizing salad. It is accompanied with transparent text block, rhombus sticker and orange call-to-action button. Main menu of the theme is hidden. It slides out of the right sidebar and includes a link to shopping cart and a search bar. As you scroll down, you see more galleries compiling recipes from all over the world. The page ends up with Google Maps, contacts, social media icons, and a newsletter subscription form.

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This is a Bootstrap Food & Drink Store web template

What is it?

It's the most popular HTML and CSS based framework which contain variations for the most important elements used in the HTML coding.

Why is it Good?

Bootstrap is a very useful instrument and that is the valid reason it's extremely well-known. With this particular framework, you are able to build up responsive design, fitting to any kind of screen size, prototype cutting edge designs without having troubles and make sure your own site is in fact cross-browser compatible.

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This Food & Restaurant Services website design is Responsive

What is it?

Responsive layouts adjust to more compact and also much larger screen sizes mechanically.

Why is it Good?

Responsive design will help your business site look equally well on display screen of any personal pc or portable device.

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This is Food website design with On-line chat functionality

What is it?

Firms that showcase their solutions using tech support apply it in numerous various methods, yet online chat has become the rarest. That means that you can find a solution to your problem really fast and have a talk with one who can help you fix any type of problems.

Why is it Good?

It enables you to live chat with guests and research visitors' online functions.

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This is a Parallax Food & Restaurant Magazine website design

What is it?

Parallax is a scrolling technique in which foreground image files move around in a different quickness than the background ones.

Why is it Good?

Parallax scrolling gives your visitors an impression of depth in 2D spaces of your website. It makes your resource more vibrant and exceptional. Parallax is suitable for spicing up a single-page site, refreshing infographics, or perhaps presenting a portfolio.

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This template can be use to a lot of type of clients, html is simple.
The tamplate is very professional. Although, there are things which I think should be included in the basic price. Still nice work tm!
Требовался шаблон для сайта по доставке еды из ресторана. Заказчику было на выбор предложено около 10 шаблонов из которых он выбрал именно этот. Шаблон очень красив, а по функционалу заточен под интернет-магазин. Достаточно поставить данный шаблон на любую систему управления сайтом с интернет-магазином и получится отличный, современный и функциональный сайт. В шаблон входит много страниц и визуально оформленных блоков на все случаи жизни.
Voraussetzung für einen Kunden war, eine gänzlich andere Optik für seine neue Homepage zu finden. Wir wurden mit diesem innovativen Design fündig. An die Navigation einzig als Hamburger - Menü müssen sich manche in Deutschland zwar immer noch gewöhnen, doch man lernt nie aus und so zählt man sich als einer der Wenigen, die diese platzsparende Technik bereits intus hat. Die Vorlagen des Templates liessen wie gewohnt keine Wünsche offen. Das ein Stern farblos bleibt ist wiederholt der Tatsache geschuldet, dass die in Deutschland notwendigen Klickfelder für Datenschutz etc. nicht schon vorgegeben sind. Man wünscht sich vermehrt auch bereits sprachlich angepasste Skripte für die üblichen Suche-Routinen. Ansonsten ein Template, dass man gerne wieder verwenden möchte. Dickes Lob!
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