Best WordPress Ecommerce Themes

If you enjoy the functionality of WordPress and want to use it for launching an online store, the best solution is to choose a professional WordPress eCommerce theme. Empowered by WooCommerce functionality, our eCommerce WordPress templates will let you create a well-developed online shop. When you select a WordPress theme for eCommerce by TemplateMonster, you can be sure that a perfect design will match flawless website functionality. Moreover, an astonishing variety of themes will let you choose the style you’ll love. Study the collection of the newest WordPress themes for eCommerce by TemplateMonster to start building your online store.

Astonishing Functionality of WordPress Ecommerce Templates

E-commerce represents a popular way of selling and buying goods or services. Consequently, websites that deal with electronic commerce should satisfy the requirements of clients who are eager to get products and services. Also, webpages representing offers should be easy to manage for those who provide the goods or services. Thus, the functionality of website themes for eCommerce should meet these needs. At TemplateMonster, we are constantly creating modern templates to satisfy various demands. So, you can choose an eCommerce WordPress theme for:

  1. online stores;
  2. companies offering services.

We do our best to meet the requests of different clients, so we update or templates and collections to enrich the functionality of eCommerce themes for different businesses.

Ecommerce Theme WordPress Stores

The most common reason why people are looking for an eCommerce theme for WordPress is their desire to launch an online store. Undoubtedly, the wide variety of eCommerce WordPress themes by TemplateMonster is devoted to online shops. 

The success of an online store depends on several factors. They are:

  • the variety of goods presented in the store, 
  • shop website design, 
  • the effectiveness of navigation through the website. 

When customers feel confused, they leave a page without bringing sales to the online store. So, to ensure the notable results of an online store, you have to think carefully about user experience. When you choose a WordPress eCommerce theme by TemplateMonster, you are opting for a perfect combination of style and functionality.

WordPress Ecommerce Themes for Services

Besides creating store websites, WordPress themes eCommerce functionality is suitable for different enterprises that offer services to clients. Some examples of companies that provide services to people are:

  • photo and video studios;
  • home maintenance and improvement companies;
  • residential and commercial cleaning services;
  • printing houses, etc.

Ecommerce WordPress templates for companies that help clients have functionality similar to one of the online stores. Precisely, customers will be able to choose services and pay for them online. Undoubtedly, people appreciate the possibility of purchasing goods or services online without leaving the comfort of their homes.

Best Ecommerce Website Templates WordPress - Video

If you want to see what the best eCommerce website themes for WordPress look like, watch our brief video. It includes information about 11 best WooCommerce themes for WordPress. You will have a clear understanding of what the design and functionality of themes are. Additionally, you may get some ideas about personalizing your WordPress template to create a unique online store.

How to Launch Website with WordPress Ecommerce Template

When you are choosing a WordPress eCommerce theme, you should consider your requirements. TemplateMonster can offer you different kinds of templates, such as:

  1. Multipurpose eCommerce WordPress themes;
  2. Topic-related WordPress themes for eCommerce.

If you need an eCommerce theme for WordPress that will be appropriate for different projects, you’d better decide on a multipurpose theme. It already includes several skins or templates that will suit various kinds of companies. Alternatively, when you don’t need to apply the template for numerous sites, you may require a specific, topic-oriented theme. After opting for a certain eCommerce theme and installing it, you will be ready to personalize it and add your goods. 

Create Unparalleled Store Design with WordPress Ecommerce Themes

After the installation of your WordPress eCommerce template, you have to think of the style and functionality of your online store. Your site design may be different depending on the number of goods you need to add and the way you want to display them. When you have an idea of what your store should contain, you may start customizing all the necessary elements of your eCommerce theme.

Decide on the Shop Layout

First of all, think of the general shop layout of your online shop. The ready-made pages included in eCommerce WordPress templates will assist you in this. You may simply choose the desired page structure, or edit the necessary elements to suit your needs. Particularly, you may wish to include sidebars for more straightforward navigation. It is possible to adjust the size and position of sidebars, inserting them on the right or the left.

Arrange Your Products

The assortment of goods in an online shop is one of its most important parts. No less important is a careful organization of the products. To make your shop well-structured, you have to think of the design of several pages. Mainly, to showcase your items with the help of eCommerce website templates, you can create:

  1. Listing, 
  2. Grid, 
  3. Single product pages.

Each type of displaying goods has its peculiarities and advantages. Moreover, you can create menus with multiple categories and subcategories to organize your products. If you use WordPress eCommerce themes, it is up to you to decide what your menus will look like and which items you should include in them.

Additionally, you can assign tags to your products, which will be very beneficial for your store. When clients navigate through the site, they will be able to see:

  • best-selling products in categories;
  • related items;
  • trending products;
  • newly-added goods.

Thus, you will be able to prompt your visitors, showing various products, and encouraging them to stay longer on your page. Consequently, carefully-thought navigation will lead to better user experience and higher rankings.

Organize Galleries with Ecommerce WordPress Themes

Buying goods online, people want to make sure they will get high-quality goods. The most effective tool of demonstrating what the products look like is a gallery. With WordPress eCommerce themes by TemplateMonster, you will be able to arrange astonishing galleries easily. You may add as many images as you need to illustrate the peculiarities of your goods. What’s more, following the latest technology trends, TemplateMonster creates eCommerce themes with advanced functionality. For instance, the Electronics WooCommerce Theme lets you add 360 degrees view of products. Thus, you can make your website more appealing and let people see even the tiniest details of products.

Adjust Filters Effectively with WordPress eCommerce Themes

Your customers should be able to find goods as quickly and easily as possible. To assist people, you can add different sorting options. Undoubtedly, the sorting criteria will differ for various shops. Some of the sorting options to apply are by:

  • price, 
  • size, 
  • color, 
  • brand, etc.

Surely, assigning criteria for numerous items in the shop may be time-consuming. Still, it will be really beneficial for your store, as it will facilitate users’ interaction with the assortment of goods. The more items you offer in your store, the more sorting options you can apply.

Visualize Information with Widgets

To make your content more appealing, WordPress eCommerce themes by TemplateMonster include a variety of widgets. To be precise, you can add:

  • counters, 
  • progress bars,
  • tabs, etc.

They will help you to illustrate various data. For instance, you can present the number of goods your store has sold and the number of satisfied clients. Moreover, you can adjust the look of widgets, choosing from horizontal or vertical options. 

Modify Checkout Options with WordPress Ecommerce Themes

Facilitating the checkout process is a must for a successful online shop. If clients find this stage too complicated, they may leave the store without paying for the goods. Thus, eCommerce WordPress themes have everything to make the checkout a smooth experience for people. You will be able to adjust the options that customers will see in their shopping cart. Mainly, you can add the possibility to change the number of chosen goods, choose from shipping options, etc.

Demonstrate Pricing Tables for Services

If you provide services to people, showing different pricing plans will make your site and offers more understandable. For instance, a cleaning company may display different pricing plans for residential and commercial cleaning. Additionally, the cost may depend on the amount of work performed. In any case, with WordPress eCommerce templates, your pricing plans will look clear and well-organized.

Customize Your Store Style with WordPress Ecommerce Themes

The style of the online shop should match the general brand style. While customizing your eCommerce template, you will be able to adjust different elements to make your page unique. Precisely, it is possible to: 

  • edit buttons and icons, changing their size and width;
  • choose from different fonts; 
  • create icon lists;
  • add animation to various elements;
  • insert tabs and side tours.

Undoubtedly, these elements will help you emphasize your style and create a more powerful impact on website visitors. Our templates follow all modern web design and development trends, so your store will have a state-of-the-art look.

WordPress Themes for Ecommerce - Main Features


Niche-Oriented Themes

Our company is ready to offer a relevant theme to satisfy even the most specific needs of stores.


Fully Customizable Templates

You’ll be able to personalize your site, having complete control over its design and functionality.


Homepage Layout Options

It is possible to choose from pre-designed homepage layouts to facilitate website creation.


Detailed Product Pages

You can efficiently provide as many details about your goods as you find appropriate for your shop.


Product Quick View

Your clients will get the essential information about a product without leaving the main page.


Well-Organized Menu

It is possible to create powerful menus with multiple categories and subcategories for your store.


Efficient Ajax Software

You can improve user experience with Ajax functionality, such as Add To Cart, Wishlist, and Compare.


Social Sharing Features

Your customers will be able to share products and information on different social media easily.

Frequently Asked Questions about WordPress Ecommerce Themes

Do I need to optimize my online store for mobile devices?

No, you don’t. Ecommerce WordPress themes by TemplateMonster have a responsive design. It ensures that your website will be appropriately displayed on all devices. Your shop website will automatically adjust to different screens and browsers. So, your customers will enjoy shopping in your store when they use desktop computers and mobile devices.

Can I add a blog to the store created with a WordPress eCommerce theme?

Yes, you can. Our templates feature blog integration options that will let you create an efficient, well-organized blog. You can add the content of various types depending on your needs. Mainly, the blog functionality of TemplateMonster themes supports posts with images, videos, audios, etc. You can utilize the blog to describe collections of goods or explain certain peculiarities.

Is it possible to encourage people to subscribe to my emails?

Definitely, it is. With the Newsletter Subscription options included in the templates, you can motivate people to stay updated and receive emails from you. You can create a pop-up window with the newsletter subscription options when people open certain pages.

Do WordPress eCommerce themes support various payment options?

Yes, they do. You can choose from numerous payment gateways for your clients and accept various kinds of pay. You will be able to adjust the system yourself.

Can I run my store in several languages?

Yes, you can. To create an online store with multiple language support, you should choose from WPML-ready eCommerce WordPress templates. These themes will give you the possibility to translate your store into different languages.