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What is Tutty?

Developed for WordPress theme developers, tutty is an installation wizard that can be integrated into themes by developers and aims to provide a better installation experience to users who will install the theme in their systems.

Main Features

Tutty is developed after a thorough inspection of developer demands and needs.

Controlling Server Configurations

You can show your users the configurations you use with the help of hooks you add to your configuration file, and you can cancel the installation if the server configurations do not match what you had specified.

Specifying Demos

If you present more than one demo to your users, you can specify it so that your users can continue using the installation wizard after picking their preferred demo.

Installing Plugins

During the installation, you can show your users all the plugins that are necessary for your theme to work without any problem and let them install with one click.

You can specify a plugin list for each demo or a general plugin list that applies to all.

You can mark plugins as “required”.
You can prevent your users from finishing the installation process if they do not activate the plugins you marked as required.
Note: You must integrate TGMPA into your system for this step to run properly.

Specifying Items to be Imported

You can specify a list of items to be imported for each demo you present to your users.

Tutty is developed in a way that allows the following to be imported and it has a structure that allows your special import files to be included in the import system.

  • Contents
  • Widgets
  • Customizer
  • Gravity Form
  • ACF
  • Revulation Slider
  • CodeStar Framework
  • Redux Framework

Adding Special Steps to the Installation Wizard

Installation wizard comes with built-in main installation steps, but you can easily add your own special installation steps whenever you like.

Changing the Order of Steps

The installation steps work on the priority principle, so you can change the order of the steps using the built-in hooks of the tutty.

Verification System for Steps

By adding a verification system to tutty’s built-in installation steps and the special installation steps that you will add later, you can tell your users that they have to provide the conditions you specified to move to the next step.

For example, if you have a licensing system and you added a step about license verification to your setup wizard, you can prevent your users from moving next steps before verifying their licenses.

Detailed Hooks

You can edit many fields of the installation wizard using the hooks provided to developers.

Child Theme Support

With the “activate child theme” option that will be displayed during the installation process, your users can use the child theme if you have prepared a child theme for them. If you have not prepared a child theme, the system will automatically generate a child theme for your users.

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