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If you want to enchant your visitors, we recommend you to choose this template. The beautiful image of a posh house at its header draws public attention. Please note the search form in the center of the given image. Its design looks really elegant. The template has two menus the upper one, which is plain and simple, and the lower, iconbased one. It's true that the navigation of the template is extremely userfriendly. The information about company work is presented in four understandable steps. Latest properties come with images and detailed descriptions. Home page also contains company news and events as well as contacts info. As you see, the theme is ideal for online real estate agency.

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This Business Bureau WP template is Responsive

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Responsive design may help your webpage look equally awesome on screen of any existing desktop computer or handheld device.

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This is Business Company WordPress design theme with Portfolio

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This is a Bootstrap Corporate WP theme

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This Business Company WordPress theme is WPML ready

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This is Business Bureau WordPress theme with Cherry Framework

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This is a Parallax Business Company WP template

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Good responsive template, but have questions with the extension of functionality
Покупала этот шаблон, осталась очень довольной и заказчик привел следом еще несколько клиентов, так понравился сайт. Демо файлы отлично загрузились, структура шаблона не заезженная, необычное расположение дополнительного меню. В общем, рекомендую этот шаблон. Сейчас заказчики всё больше и больше хотят резиновые шапки сайтов, в том числе слайдовые, так как мониторы сейчас у всех большие и такие сайты смотрятся наиболее выигрышно.
Muy bien tema, el efecto lazy load le da un toque perfecto a la carga de la página, fácil de modificar utilizando solo dreamweaver y editor de texto. Muy recomendable.

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