Dreaming to become famous for a startling discovery, researchers prefer to carry out experiments at labs equipped with hightech appliances. To boost attendance rates of these establishments, they should be presented as scientifically advanced institutions. If youre eager to assist their owners in this issue, the template exhibited here will be helpful in your initiative. Its visuals give an opportunity to convince the audience that the promoted lab contains cuttingedge equipment with limitless possibilities. Looking through images in a slider, visitors of your platform will believe in the ability to investigate certain issues thoroughly, without missing any important details. In a word, the theme will set investigators in optimistic spirits and encourage their hope for achieving incredible results.

This is Science Supplies Wordpress design template with Portfolio

What is it?

Portfolio can provide a solution to present your primary experience and projects in a convenient way.

Why is it Good?

A well-built portfolio that exhibits the finest work is a effective addition to CV. It reveals a work experience, a unique style and, most importantly, talent.

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This Science Magazine WordPress design theme is WPML ready

What is it?

WPML ready refers to WordPress templates with multilingual options.

Why is it Good?

WPML is a function that allows to make your website multilingual.

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This is a Parallax Education & Books WordPress design

What is it?

It's a exceptional approach when the background pic shifts less quickly in perception in comparison to the elements of the foreground. Therefore, Parallax leads to a feeling of a three-dimensional space.

Why is it Good?

Parallax scrolling effect gives your viewers an impression of depth in 2D environments of your website. It makes your resource more vibrant and exceptional. Parallax is suitable for spicing up a landing page, refreshing infographics, or even displaying a portfolio.

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This Books WordPress design theme is Search Engine Friendly

What is it?

Search engine friendly digital products are improved as per the present day SEO requirements. It expands the probabilities they will be detected on the internet, and so rising your website's rating positions in search engine results.

Why is it Good?

The Search engine friendly web design implies that the website will be successfully indexed and ranked higher by Google.

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This is a Bootstrap Science Lab WordPress design

What is it?

Bootstrap is a free of charge grid-based framework that allows the development of mobile-ready websites.

Why is it Good?

Bootstrap will help you design responsive, mobile-first web-based projects in a seamless way.

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This is Books Wordpress design template with Cherry Framework

What is it?

Cherry Framework 4 is zero-cost open-source framework for WordPress.

Why is it Good?

Cherry Framework 4 contains WordPress theme adjustments and post formats templates that bring functionality to any website.

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This Science Lab Gear WordPress template is Responsive

What is it?

Responsive design ensures that the webpage changes its size and shape to suit any sort of screen, from the tiniest smartphones to the largest Desktop computer displays. For each and every gadget, website page elements enlarge or decrease to seem ideal.

Why is it Good?

Responsive design delivers a better UX for people who look through a website page on a phone or any other gadget, and in many cases can help to raise rankings of a website in search engine results pages.

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5 Reviews for this product

Nice one with Great Features and Nice Setting Features. I like it
Excellent Wordpress template. Has all the right features and it works quite well out of the box. A bit of tweaking is required to get WPML to play nice, but nothing substantial. My only recommendation would be to implement a bit more of the Cherry Framework functions, so that changes can be done in the template itself rather than the framework files. Not a big deal, but it would save time when you dont have to check between the framework and template to see where a particular function or form was implemented (looking at you, comments form). Overall, great template! Would recommend!
the design is cool. Also, very easy to use and support is good.
Ive got to admit Im very surprised with the improves in installing this advanced templates. Ive got some troubles with the CSS, it would be very nice if you try scripting with notes, so customization takes not as long as might take. Also the multi-language function is something that I couldnt find. Congratulations to the developers, it is a Great Theme!!. Víctor MC Azpeitia Webmaster & CTO Axis Estudios Procreativos MÉXICO
Le template est très bien construit et parfaitement responsive.

0 Comments for this product

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