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Created: Nov 19, 2021

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

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ANIMACE - Anime and Manga WordPress Theme + RTL - Features Image 1ANIMACE - Anime and Manga WordPress Theme + RTL - Features Image 2ANIMACE - Anime and Manga WordPress Theme + RTL - Features Image 3ANIMACE - Anime and Manga WordPress Theme + RTL - Features Image 4ANIMACE - Anime and Manga WordPress Theme + RTL - Features Image 5ANIMACE - Anime and Manga WordPress Theme + RTL - Features Image 6

Reinventing the Anime Sites

As part of the natural evolution of our themes, now we bring a new option to enter the world of anime mixing the best of two of our previous products: INGMAR and ANIMAG. The result is ANIMACE, a template made with Bootstrap and ACF designed to publish news, reviews and catalog anime series and movies (although it is also possible to do it with series and movies from the cinematographic world, or popular streaming services).

With ANIMACE (the ending with the word "ACE" is a reference to Japanese manga and anime magazines) you get a complete and easy-to-use theme, which includes custom fields to fill in the information, scores for users and editors, color selectors, predesigned prebuilt modules, AJAX live search and a dark mode ideal for mobile devices. Being created with Bootstrap, it is fully responsive and maintains the "App" aesthetic. It is also compatible with WPML and RTL and includes a Child Theme for advanced users, willing to elevate their imagination with more functionalities.


READ CAREFULLY: as with all the WP projects, is highly recommended you have a staging site and a production site. First, update the theme in your stage site and check everything goes fine. Then repeat it on the production site. If you have previously done personal changes such as new ACF fields or customizations, contact us before doing any update of the theme, because ACF is the core of the template. Contact us for any questions.

Changelog – OCT 2023

  • Added “Related Media by Taxonomy” field. Included a “subpage” that shows all added media, similar to the “If you like this, you might like…”
  • Added “Reader” for Chapters on frontend, builded with HTML, CSS and JS
  • Remade the Selection of Chapters on Manga/Novels. Now its entirely based on the Add Chapters Field. The Dropdown for select chapters and the “Next and Previous” buttons on frontend obeys to the order of child posts on the Relationship field
  • Characters and Actors imported table are now editable after the first save (can reorder rows or add/delete/change Characters and Actors from selector)
  • Added “Alternative Name” field on Series/Movies CPT
  • Added “Fluid Container” option
  • Added Checkboxes to “Collections” taxonomy, to add specifications about the Collection meaning (like Canonical, Spinoff, etc)
  • Updated Ramsthemes Addons to (mandatory)
  • Demo updated – OCT 2023

  • Fixed small bug on AniList Core files - SEPT 2023

  • Added simplified Chapter Builder based on new Relationship Field. Now "Add New" and "Edit" child posts shows inside the parent Manga or Novel post as small buttons. No need to have a longer list on Manga/Novel Post type list when edit on Dashboard
  • Customized the "Page Attributes" metabox with Select2 and only showing parent posts and made by current WP author. If is AUTHOR role on Backend, shows only the post of that and not all. ALL only can be viewed by ADMIN
  • Added ACF Extended as extra mandatory plugin. This enables lot of new features with ACF
  • Added button "See More" on "Related posts" on custom post types, based on "most used tag" found on custom post types and posts
  • Fixed sidenav menu dropdown bug
  • Fixed CSS issues on navbar responsive view
  • Fixed Recent Posts Widget customization
  • Fixed AniList integration issues. Characters and Actors imported table now shows empty if the Toggles are set in "No". Also the imported info now saves one time, after that the fields can be edited. Useful for those who translate text fields.
  • Fixed "Download URL" field issue for the volumes on manga/novel frontend
  • Changed tag cloud button class to xs size
  • Added "Full Story" button to manga/novel
  • Added "Custom Buttons" repeater to manga/novel. Useful to place buttons with links where the mangas/novel can be bought
  • Moved Author Metabox to Publish Box
  • Demo updated - SEPT 2023

  • Demo updated
  • Anilist Image Import now sideloads and use thumbnails downloaded
  • Posters, banners, taxonomy characters, actors and staff images uses conditional thumbnails identifying uploaded images or sideloaded images
  • Added taxonomy "Collections"
  • Removed taxonomy "Manga Authors" (should use "Staff")
  • Fixed some issues about Novel post type

1.1.6 - AUG 2023

  • Demo updated
  • Added AniList Import Compatibility (UNOFFICIAL module developed by us)
  • Improved Search Results Template based on ASP
  • Improved Archive Templates
  • Added new ACF global functions file to resume code
  • Fixed issues with Novels templates
  • Improved Homepage images styling on responsive
  • Added "Related Keyword" field for better building "Related Media" box on CPTS.
  • Improved Thumbnail columns on Backend for Taxonomies and Post Types
  • Changed H1 style for titles on Home Slider
  • Updated Ramsthemes Addons to (mandatory)
  • Added A-Z Characters page templates
  • Added Featured Novels module
  • Updated Twitter icon to "X"
  • Updated Font Awesome to latest version
  • "Manga Authors" taxonomy now is deprecated and will be removed on next update

1.1.5 - JUNE 2023

  • Demo updated
  • Fixed manga child template styles
  • Added "Latest" toggle to Home Sliders
  • Added Novel Post type, with same use as Manga
  • Added "Translator" User Box with donation links for chapters
  • Improved Pages permalinking for Alt Pages (List of Chapters, Episodes, Characters)
  • Updated Ramsthemes Addons to 1.0.3 (mandatory)
  • Updated Plugin Updater Checker from v4 to v5
  • Improved code and some css styles

1.1.4 - MAY 2023

  • Demo updated
  • Added RTL compatibility
  • Added Next/Prev post quantity option
  • Replaced Search plugin
  • Improved search results page, includes actors and characters taxonomies as results
  • Added "Role" field to Actors and Characters taxonomies

1.1.3 - MAY 2023

  • Demo updated
  • Improved code and some css styles
  • Added Characters taxonomy and his taxonomy template
  • Added Characters list on post types. A button appears on frontend when select the quantity to characters to appear.
  • Added Character on taxonomy Voice Actors template
  • Added Repeater to add Voice Actors and his Characters
  • Added Manga Authors to A-Z page templates
  • Modified the code to show post types on taxonomies (better summarized in less space, using loop)
  • Added more accurate types on badges on cpt archives templates
  • Added Gallery field and tab for Characters, Actors and Staff
  • Updated Ramsthemes Addons to 1.0.2 (mandatory)

1.1.2 - APR 2023

  • Demo updated
  • Improved code and some css styles
  • Added new style to clean admin backend for movies, series and mangas using left tabs
  • Added new custom fields for general catalog data: opening, ending, budget, revenue, available formats (DVD, Bluray...), official website button
  • Budget and Revenue fields have a function to add commas to numbers, that can be overwritten
  • Changed top image on single movies, series and mangas; now if image is not uploaded, not shows the big placeholder
  • Added gallery field to child post manga; if is used, only that images uploaded are showed on the post, if is not used, the WYSIWYG editor will show the content

1.1.1 - FEB 2023

  • Demo updated
  • Added Single Manga template with same style for movies and series
  • Added new fields to Manga Post Type
  • Improved code and some css styles

1.1.0 - JAN 2023

  • Demo updated
  • Added column selector for Reviews archive, News template and Author archive
  • Added Toggle on/off Date for Featured Posts and Reviews modules
  • Improved code on Single Movies and Series

Version 1.0.9

  • Added Toggle on/off for carousels on homepage. This only disables the slider js and show the columned content

Version 1.0.8

  • Added List Page Template for Categories and Genres
  • Added Slides Cover Image Scale option for Movies, Series, Mangas sliders on Home
  • Changed titles on pages to H1 tag
  • Home Sliders now removes inner shadow gradient when Titles are outside
  • Added Inside or Outside titles options for Home Categories and Genres sliders
  • Fixed isuue for Theme Updater

Version 1.0.7 - October 2022

  • Demo updated
  • Updated Ramsthemes Addons plugin
  • Created alt page for "episodes" with HTML5 default videoplayer
  • Added Watch Episodes, episodes file loader field and download files table for Single Series
  • Added A-Z Actors/Staff paginated template
  • Added frontend buttons for change the view / hide-show sidebar of single series and movies
  • Modified "Related posts" on single series and movies template
  • Added Classic Editor and Classic Widgets on TGM

Version 1.0.6 - September 5, 2022

  • Demo updated
  • Changed titles on singles to H1 tag
  • Added “only for logged in users” message for manga chapters availability
  • Changed arrow to dot and added dot color for manga chapter lists on sliders, below titles
  • Added AZ Staff page templates
  • Removed unuseful imagesloaded.js

Version 1.0.5 - June 2022

  • Demo updated
  • Improved CSS fixes
  • Added new functions to Theme Settings
  • New actors A-Z page

Version 1.0.4 - 2nd half May 2022

  • Demo updated
  • Added Episodes and Season Fields for Series
  • Added new options to theme settings page
  • CSS fixes

Version 1.0.3 – May 2022

  • Demo updated
  • Added optional FacetWp filter plugin and filtering module to post type archives (Manga, Movies and Series)
  • Added new options to theme settings page
  • Added new page template to show all Manga, Movies and Series
  • CSS fixes

Version 1.0.2 - March 2022

  • Demo updated
  • Added modules for genres and updated mangas on home
  • Added a module repeater for custom content with links
  • Added new options to theme settings as new on/off settings, user sign icon modal or dropdown and a centered view (without lateral bars) for mangas
  • Changed the columned mangas to columned repeater for all custom post types
  • Mangas module on home and his child posts list are now queryied by post update
  • Mangas can show the child posts as only chapters or volumes with chapters
  • Mangas child posts has next and prev buttons and a menu icon for the centered view
  • Added simplebar fix to menu
  • Removed the "manga genres" taxonomy to only use the "genres" taxonomy

Version 1.0.1

  • Added Theme Updater
  • Added Manga section

Version 1.0

  • Initial release

7 Reviews for this product

Im using this theme on my site . Its a great theme, with almost everything i wanted. the support is amazing! i dont regret buying it
Great theme, great support. They consider user suggestions for improvement. They also update regularly so I think the theme will get better over time. Recommended for drama, anime, manga and novel lovers. Its also great for aspiring writers trying to build their own place on the internet.
Not working after installation. Requires additional paid plugins.
Great theme, but lacks a few options. Hopefully will be fixed soon by the author
The theme is incredible. It fits precisely what I was looking for for my website. It is also very intuitive to use and edit. I dont have any experience in Web creation and that is why the ease of use of this theme is fantastic for me. Furthermore, the author has helped me with all the questions I have asked him, he has taken the necessary time to answer me and has helped me a lot. I think he got bored of me because I talked to him so much lol. But I am very grateful to him and to this beautiful theme.

6 Comments for this product

I have to ask because I need to know if I'm going to have to go hunting or not but: When I purchase this theme, will it come with the plugins required to have the my WP site running like in the demo or will I need to go seeking all of the other plugins needed (also, will I need to purchase those also)? Going from Invision Power Board to Wordpress after so many years (and investments) hurts so I I really don't want to go Easter Egg hunting for everything. If this could be answered, I'll really appreciate it.
Hello, you can ask us on our social media channels via DM (links on the tab "About author") or email. Thanks
Hi, I could not find where I can ask questions before buying a theme - decided here. One question - does this theme support woo commerce plugin and ca I use it? Perfect theme for me but I need to sell few items as well on website. Thanks for answering in advance
Hello, you can ask us on our social media channels (links on the tab "About author") Thanks
Is there support for RTL?
Hello, Theme now supports RTL
great template
great template

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