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Meet the Powerful and Multifunctional JohnnyGo Home Services WordPress Theme for Developing Your Business Ideas

Nowadays business promotion is the most important and difficult part of real success. It became easy to achieve after appearing of JohnnyGo home services WordPress theme. This wonderful template will help you to make your business more prosperous and reach the top in the search results list.

What is the purpose of the home services WordPress theme? Frankly, the template is multipurpose and fits any of your aims, especially if it’s related to the services business. The website will make the illusion of an absolutely modern company, demonstrate all the accessible possibilities and facilities. Enjoy the full pack of powerful WordPress tools, multiple pages, stunning layouts, and the most flexible page builder ever.

Explore the Bunch of Forceful Features via the JohnnyGo Home Services WordPress Theme

Meet the home services WordPress theme that is full of amazing demos to any taste and ready to give you a helping hand. In the list of them, you may find such topics as Electrician, garbage removal, roofing, window cleaning and loads of other demos that will surely promote your services. Each of them allows you to showcase the projects in the most appropriate way. In addition, if you need to sell the products, there is an opportunity to trade effectively with WooCommerce plugin. Catch your chance!

Are you wondering how can you reach the fabulous functionality and develop the pages without any effort? Here is the answer. Check the list of marvelous characteristics that the home services WordPress theme offers you:

  • Elementor plugin. Feel the power of a smart page builder that proposes the drag and drop technology and a full pack of add-ons. It allows you to fast-track the process of page editing and the work convenient.
  • Responsiveness. The design should look outstanding on any type of screen and the JohnyGo WordPress template will perform this perfectly, so the appearance of the website will be marvelous.
  • WooCommerce on board. Have you been thinking of opening your own store but it was always hard to achieve? Then with the possibility of running the shop online, your dreams can become true. Enjoy the functions of product pages, various filters, and other WooCommerce plugins.
  • Header and footer. Let your imagination be free and create your own header and footer. You are able to customize them smoothly, set the design you are fond of and save them.
  • Mega menu. Are you sick and tired of tedious menus? Catch the opportunity to add multiple widgets, videos, products and even display the Instagram account directly on the menu. It’s fully easy to customize and additional coding skills aren't required.

Home Services WordPress Theme Offers a Set of Outstanding Add-Ons

The multipurpose WordPress templates were always notable for their charming bulk of plugins that are oriented on improving the functionality of your website. Thanks to home services WordPress theme variety you have access to more than 20 custom pages. Stop trying to learn the code and start doing everything with one click. Check the list below to make sure:

  • booking appointment - need to make the appointment directly on the page? add the plugin, set the options and enjoy the astonishing functionality.
  • team member - update the page with additional data about the employees and let the customers be confident in their professionalism.
  • testimonials - each client keep plenty of thoughts about your company or shop, so permit the customers to share their opinion with others and increase the trust.
  • pricing list - what is the shop or company that doesn’t showcase the prices directly on the website? it will expand the number of customers.
  • single product pages - add the whole description of every single good on this page and make the lives of consumers more satisfied.
  • advanced gallery - the most beneficial way to display the photos of your project is attaching the gallery section and display the images as you wish.

Do You Have Any Questions?

Don’t be shy to ask our support team and improve the website in a minute via their recommendations. With home services WordPress theme, you receive long-term support which is able to solve your problems 24/5.


JohnnyGo (July 25, 2022):

Updated skin Landscape:

  • WordPress 6.0.x compatible;
  • Elementor Page Builder 3.6 compatible;
  • Minor bugs fixed.

JohnnyGo v2.0.1 (November 4, 2021):

  • Added skin Air Conditioner 2;
  • Minor bugs fixed.

JohnnyGo v2.0.1 (September 27, 2021):

  • Added Welding 2 skin ;
  • Added Electrician 2 skin;
  • Minor bugs fixed.

JohnnyGo v2.0.1 (August 31, 2021):

  • Added Window Cleaning skin;
  • Added Window Installation skin;
  • Minor bugs fixed.

JohnnyGo v2.0.1 (July 22, 2021):

  • Added Cleaning skin;
  • Added Pest Control skin;
  • Minor bugs fixed.

JohnnyGo v2.0.1 (June 22, 2021):

  • Added Plumber skin;
  • Minor bugs fixed.

JohnnyGo v2.0.1 (May 26, 2020):

  • Added Connection skin;
  • Added Welding skin;
  • Minor bugs fixed.

JohnnyGo v2.0.1 (December 15, 2020):

  • Added Roofing skin;
  • Added Handyman skin;
  • Minor bugs fixed.

JohnnyGo v2.0.1 (November 10, 2020):

  • Added Moving skin
  • Added Panter skin
  • Minor bugs fixed.

JohnnyGo v2 (October 30, 2020):

  • The theme is recreated on the Elementor builder with Jet plugins;
  • Compatibility:
  • elementor 3.x;
  • wordpress 5.5.x;
  • woocommerce 4.6.x;
  • Note, it is not compatible with the previous version of the theme!

JohnnyGo v1.3 (June 01, 2018):

  • Added 4 Demo Skins;
  • All Plugins Updated;
  • Added New Animations;
  • Minor bugs fixed.

JohnnyGo v1.2 (October 31, 2017):

  • Added 5 Demo Skins;
  • All Plugins Updated;
  • Added New Animations;
  • Minor bugs fixed.

JohnnyGo v1.0.1 (September 29, 2017):

  • Added Cherry Ajax Search;
  • Added Cherry Popups;
  • Added WP Social Login;
  • All Plugins Updated;
  • Added New Animations;
  • Minor bugs fixed.

80 Reviews for this product

Универсальный шаблон-конструктор, с большим разнообразием плагинов, что позволяет самостоятельно и без каких-либо профессиональных навыков создать сайт на Wordpress без редактирования исходного кода. Конструктор главной страницы сайта достаточно прост и предлагает на выбор множество вариантов отображения блоков. Однако после разработки сайта столкнулись с проблемой скорости загрузки главной страницы, она на выходе получилась достаточно тяжелой, и даже после всех возможных принятых нами действий, скорость загрузки сильно не возросла. Но тем не менее шаблон очень многофункциональный и подойдет для сайтов очень разнообразных тематик.
Сам шаблон достаточно простой в использовании и приятный на вид. Приобрел уже две лицензии на этот шаблон. Правда есть проблемы с ЧПУ в разделе «наши услуги» и «наши работы». Если с ЧПУ в «наши услуги» служба поддержки помогла разобраться и сделать свой вывод ЧПУ, то в ситуации с «нашими проектами» они отсылают к той же статье, что и в первом случае. Однако это не помогает решить проблему. Попытки объяснить это СП натыкаются на долгое молчание в чате. Но самим шаблоном доволен.
Perfect template . Need a little beat corection ,but others very good.
Очень понравилась тема. Решила мою задачу в создании мультисайта на 1 проекте/домене. Оставалось только внести некоторые настройки и выполнить перевод контента.
Много проблем с русской локализацией. До конца перевод сделать невозможно. Больше покупать здесь не буду. Проще эту сумму заплатить за русифицированный шаблон.

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The theme crashed my there an update?
Dear Nicole, in case you have any issues on your website, kindly log in to your TemplateMonster account and create a request here under "Downloads" tab. Our team will be glad to help you :)
Hi. Purchesed the template but nothing is showing up in my downloads which is fustrating. ID# kd6pr3VQbatvP1grfELT.
Thank you for your comment, Derek! As we can see, the template was downloaded successfully. If you have any other questions or concerns, please, feel free to visit the live chat anytime!
Hi, Can I add side bar to a single product page?
Thank you for your comment. We will be happy to answer all your questions, but we need more information. Could you please use our live chat - , our operators will be happy to assist you. Best regards, Greg Brady
Why does "import sample data" not working, it just hangs there and nothing happens
Hello Denys. Thank you for question. We have created a ticket #HGY-641-11964 with your request and our senior technicians will gladly check this issue for you and email you back with solution. You can also join our live chat at to get immediate assistance. Regards, JJ Blackstone
Hi, tabs suddenly not working, nothing happening when im clicking a tab. this works before, I think this happen after the wordpress update
Thank you for your comment! We have created a ticket for our technical support team, that will contact you as soon as possible, TICKET ID XJF-616-65878. Thank you. Andrea Gonzales
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