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5 Future-proof Content Marketing Ideas You Should Know

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For a business, the biggest challenge is to stay ahead with their marketing strategy and it is not possible to a future-focused content strategy. When you jump on the bandwagon of a new type of content marketing, you need to figure out the possibilities for the respective content in the time to come. With competition mounting with every passing day, no longer just delivering new content and coming up with a new content strategy is enough. You need to make your content future proof.

How can you do future-proofing of contents?

Let us start with the basics. What does this future proofing mean in the context of the digital contents or content marketing? Future proof contents basically refer to a type of content that remains valuable irrespective of the change in industry, marketplace, customer appreciation and market trends. Future proofing is done so that the contents do not lose value following changes in the market or in user appreciation level. Both over the web and in the real world outside you can see an array of brands that offer products and contents coming as fully shielded from the negative impact of changes in the market.


As a digital marketer, how can you ensure future proofing of your contents? Well, here below we provide a few future proof content marketing ideas.

1. Listen to your audience


We all know that marketing involves a broader dialogue with customers. So, it is your customer's voice that should be clearly heard through your marketing campaigns. Your contents should boast off all the elements that your target audience prefer. For content marketers, it is always advisable to listen to their loyal customers first. Only when you listen to your customers attentively you can create contents that drive interaction and engagement from them. There are various ways to listen to your audience and stay tuned to their needs.


  • First of all, encourage your audience to share their opinions and feedback.
  • Secondly, encourage them to comment and encourage them for customer generated contents.
  • Engage with your customers frequently through live chat or similar communication tools. Engage with your audience as frequently as possible.
  • Remain proactive and responsive to each and every of their reactions including feedbacks, comments and other types of gestures.
  • Always focus on customer problems when communicating with your customers.
  • Give your loyal customers priority when it comes to feedback drive.

2. Go with the strong wind



Yes, you guessed it right. By strong wind, we are referring to era-defining trends in the digital universe. There are countless examples of such trends that we can name in the recent past like flat web design, hamburger menu, lazy loading, infinite scrolling, etc. Many of these trends help to initiate a new era of design and development and most of these trends survived and became a harbinger of change in the design and development. The significance of these design trends has been huge for content marketing. Naturally, whoever first adapted to these trends have proved their design to be future proof.


  • Some of the key content types and trends that are enjoying more popularity and traction simply because of their usability include structured byte sized text content offering easy discoverability, short and interesting video, high definition images, infographics, illustrations, etc.
  • In recent times we have seen an increasing emphasis on engaging headlines that grab attention quickly and with a quantitative element set the expectation for the audience.
  • A visually appealing typeface that helps readability is another major trend in present day web contents.
  • Lastly, it is the expertise and depth of explanation that now enjoys more traction than contents lacking any unique point of view.
  • The low attention span of today's audience demands contents to be brief, visually structured and easily scannable for the users.

3. Add some evergreen value


There is a category called ‘evergreen content’ that invariably stays on top of content strategy as they always drive traffic and get an audience. Every business website and web app consider such contents as the most valuable resource since such contents never fail to generate traffic and user engagement. Even when you cannot produce evergreen contents, you should focus on creating contents that remain valuable for the users for a considerable time. Such contents that drive traffic for months to come together will help your content strategy to become future proof. Now, let us see which type of contents can help you being future proof.


  • Expert contents with every important aspect concerning the topic are given a place within the write-up can remain valuable irrespective of the time of creation.
  • Contents with a unique set of information or insights can have lasting value.
  • Contents with a unique tone, explanatory technique and elucidation can also have lasting value.

4. Striking a balance between data-driven insights and instinct


Getting help from the measuring tools that are ready to show you user engagement metrics is an invaluable way to deliver contents that are likely to remain popular and enjoyable over time. But while such metric and analytics can prove to be valuable to come up with a more future-ready content strategy, your creative instinct equally proves important.


Not all decisions related to your marketing should be backed by data and data-driven insights. Creative freedom to develop engaging contents is important to allow unthought-of creative spurt guiding your content strategy. If you consider data-driven content strategy as the science, instinctive creation of contents will bring the emotional and apathetic human touch to it.

5. Be open to user generated content


Finally, in the way Internet is brimming with customer generated contents, it should be a crucial and unmistakable element in your content strategy. Customer generated contents in the form of reviews, comments and social posts already drive a high volume of traffic and huge user engagement. Already, a majority of buying decisions are directly influenced by customer reviews and user feedbacks. We can easily say that the future of web to a great extent belongs to user generated contents. So, to make your content strategy future proof you need to encourage user generated contents.

Let’s wrap up!

Did we miss anything? Yes, for a future-proof content strategy deciding on content length as per the available space within a specific layout or design block will be important. Already, a vast array of websites and apps to create contents for the general service pages, prefer creating contents that fit in the layout and design blocks.


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