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Nov 28, 2019
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Horror icons are thought to be fictional characters or real people, which are usually referred to as fiction.

Ready to see a few horror icons?

Generally, they are represented in literature, feature films, video games or television. In our article, we will find out about the most famous icons of horror, where they are used and how to download them free.

Where to use horror icons

For most people, all the negative characters in horror films are certainly associated with Halloween. This explains the specifics of using horror icons. As a rule, they are used in those areas of activity that are directly related to the subject of horror. For example, it may be the website of a company selling carnival costumes and other accessories on the eve of All Saints Day or the website of the company organizing holidays and parties in the style of "horror."


Properly placed accents on the site help designers and marketers to capture the user's attention and direct them to targeted actions: purchase, communication with managers or just understanding the information provided. Icons are one of such tool, without which today's web design is rather difficult to imagine. Even the smallest details on the site matter to the design. Icons not only save screen space but also establish a connection with the client. They are considered to be a simple and effective way to navigate an unfamiliar site. Using them simplifies the perception of information because familiar images evoke associations with certain actions.

Popular horror movie icons

The horror genre has always been in demand among viewers. Looking back, it’s easy to see how many truly disgusting creatures the film industry gave us. For many years it has seemed to us that these creatures were lying under our beds or hidden inside our closets. They have come into our nightmares and scared both adults and children. They still terrify us and at the same time delight us. And there is nothing strange and unusual that horror movie icons are so popular nowadays.

Below we offer you a list of horror icons from the world’s most famous films.


Nice toy, isn't it?

Cool toy at first glance, but actually a serial killer. The main character of the movie “Child’s Play” Chucky may be one of the main reasons why some people are afraid of dolls. Innocent Andy, the owner of the transformed toy, couldn’t even imagine that it resuscitates and kills people.

Hannibal Lecter

Hannibal Lecter is so popular you don't really have to introduce him.

Without any doubt, Dr. Lecter, a really good psychiatrist and serial killer at the same time, is considered to be one of the biggest horrors in the movie industry. He was a true villain, who didn’t only kill his victim, but also ate it. This scary and exciting storyline in combination with the brilliant game of Anthony Hopkins forever conquered the true fans of horror movies.

Freddy Krueger

Freddy is almost a legendary character.

“One, two, Freddy’s coming for you…”—this phrase still causes panic in children and teenagers who watched “Nightmare on Elm Street”. The main character is identified by his metal gloved hand, disgusting burned face and red sweater. Victims have no chance to escape from the hunter for their dreams because everyone finally should sleep. Or is there a chance?


Bet you have seen such a mask on Halloween.

Just remember how many people wear a black cloak and Ghostface’s write mask at Halloween or just to scare anyone. Being a character from the satirical series, Ghostface is nevertheless iconic. He is not the only one person—there are always different killers in every film. They wear the same clothes and continue to hunt their victims.


You won't be happy to meet him on the empty street.

One of the most famous horror icons, Leatherface, lives in the Texas desert with his family. This iconic character wields a chainsaw and wears a make, which is made of his victims’ skin. All members of his family are cannibals: they eat the meat of Leatherface’s victims. The grandfather was allowed to drink their blood and create furniture with their bones. But the most terrifying thing is that the plot of the movie is inspired by the true person Ed Gein, a serial killer from Wisconsin.

Norman Bates

Do you like hotels and travelling?

If you were absolutely calm about staying in roadside hotels, then after watching this movie you will definitely reconsider your views on this issue. Norman Bates, the owner of a hotel, is an antisocial personality with many mental disorders. It is enough to remember that he wore the clothes of his deceased mother. Being already scary, with the development of the storyline and the committing of a number of frightening actions, the main hero becomes even more frightening and creepy. It was scary to imagine what to expect from him further.

Michael Myers

Almost everyone have seen this character at least once in his life..

“Halloween” is the timeless classic of horror films. The first character of Boogeyman, Michael Myers, is considered to be one of the key prototypes for the villains of modern cinema. After killing his sister, he goes to a psychiatric hospital, from where he manages to escape. The way he terrorized teenagers on Halloween is unlikely to be forgotten by many generations of people.

Jason Voorhees

Freddy and Jason are mentioned almost every Halloween.

Those people who are afraid of the mystical date Friday the thirteenth probably watched the movie of the same name. Although the film contains mysticism (an eleven-year-old boy who drowned on the lake, suddenly comes to life and begins to take revenge), the cruelty with which almost all the characters were killed, the hockey mask and machetes inspire real fear and horror.

Female horror icons

Most of us are used to see a man in the face of a serial killer and a psychopath. But true fans of the horror genre know that among women there are many maniacs and antisocial personalities. Let’s remember the most well-known female horror film icons:


Don't play with dark magic or you will look just like her.

The protagonist of the film "Exorcist", a curious child named Regan, called the demon via the Ouija board. Being obsessed with this creature, she did terrible things, screamed and terrorized everyone who dared to disturb her in her room. You would hardly want to be her nanny.


Carrie is a rare example of villain that didn't wanted to become one.

Initially, Carrie was not a villain. But as soon as her classmates played a cruel joke with her at the graduation, leaving her in the blood of a pig, her telekinetic abilities quickly found the application: she went to the gym in school, where she killed most of the people.


Do you believe in ghosts?

Grace lives with her two children and believes that in her house a ghost lives, which tries to drive them crazy. But, in reality, it turns out that her children and she are ghosts, because once upon a time she killed them and committed suicide.


She is as popular as Freddy or Jason. Seven days!

The video, which seven days after watching, kills the viewer, was made by the spirit of a little girl who was murdered. Throughout the film, Rachel, who freed the girl’s spirit, is trying to figure out the whole truth about the terrifying video.

Horror movie icons wallpaper

Do you like villains and serial killers from cult horror movies? What about horror movie icons wallpaper? You can use them the background of your home computer, laptop or phone. Collections of horror icons wallpapers are growing day by day, so it is likely that all the users will find something for themselves. In addition, you can print a horror icon poster and hang it in your room.

Halloween horror nights icons

They are having fun on Halloween and what about you?

The original name of the Halloween Horror Nights was Fright Nights. This event is the most popular among adolescents and youth. For nearly thirty years, this event has been held annually in places such as California and Florida in America, as well as in Japan and Singapore. Universal Studios has traditionally provided theme parks for this event. In the daytime, parks continue to work according to their own schedule, but when it gets dark they turn into Halloween Horror Nights. The event is dedicated to Halloween, so it is accordingly held in autumn. In scare zones and haunted houses, characters from Universal Studios are often used.


The leading characters on Halloween Horror Nights are the so-called horror icons. Each icon has its own background, and each of them has a separate house and a scare zone. All this is used during an advertising campaign. According to unofficial data, the first icon that was presented at the event in the first two years was Crypt Keeper. Over the next few years, the event went without icons. Since then, with the exception of some years, Halloween Horror Nights has always had one horror icon, and sometimes even several icons.


Throughout the history of the festival, the most significant Halloween Horror Nights icons were:

  • The Director and Bloody Mary
  • The Caretaker and Lady Luck
  • Chance and The Usher
  • Fear and The Storyteller
  • Jack the Clown

The last character has regularly been a part of the festival for many years. In the early years Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger, and even Leatherface also featured at the festival.

Adobe illustrator icon tutorial

Most of you are creative individuals, and therefore, you probably will want to create an icon on your own. It may seem complicated to someone, but we will help you to figure it out. Let's look at the key steps on your way to creating your first icon. As an example, we will consider creating a silhouette of a person, which will become a good outline for creating horror icons. Below you can find some general instructions.

Step 1

First of all, create a New Document, considering the scale of the future icon. In this case, we will choose a size of 48 x 48 pixels. To RGB, set the Color Mode.

Step 2

To simplify design planning, we suggest installing a grid in pixels. In the Preferences, select Guides and Grids and create a 10 x 10 grid.

Step 3

With all the more or less complex icons, we recommend creating a small sketch that will serve as the basis for future design. You can make a sketch with pencil on paper, or draw in Photoshop or Illustrator. We made a sketch in Photoshop and added it to Illustrator in the artboard. By placing a sketch on the artboard, you can adjust its scale, location and set the opacity to 50%.

Step 4

When working with complex forms, it is best to break them into simpler ones. In our case, we drew the head using the Ellipse Tool and then using the Selection tool we rotated the shapes to the desired position.

Now that all the shapes are approximately in place, we use the Shape Builder Tool (press Shift + M) to combine them with the cursor.

Step 5

The Reflect tool helps to create symmetry. To reflect the shape, use the Selection tool, select the desired area. Next, use the Reflect Tool (O) and Option, click on the artboard where the form should be reflected, and the settings window will appear in front of you.


Position the axis in accordance with how the form should be reflected (in our case, vertically), and click Copy. Done.

Press Shift + M to combine the shapes, and to remove unnecessary points, press Shift + C.

Horror icons vector freebies

Many web designers and ordinary users are in search of where to set icons. Naturally, many of them would rather prefer to do this for free. On the internet, there are enough sites offering free icon sets, including horror icons. Some sites offer free download horror icons with your favorite characters. Feel free to share and comment on your favorite icons and wallpapers on some websites.

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