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Payoneer Money Withdrawal Option Introduced to the Marketplace Vendors

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The possibility that all TemplateMonster vendors were expecting to be presented for so long has been finally realized! From now on, you are given a chance to withdraw money to your Payoneer card right from the vendor cabinet.

The digital marketplace grows at the fast speed, as well as the solutions that we offer to our vendors and customers. Selling digital items in the marketplace suggests that you be paid sooner or later. As a vendor, you can request to withdraw your earnings twice per month (provided that your balance reached $100 minimum).

The payments are released from 10th to 15th, and from 25th to the last day of each month via:

  • PayPal,
  • Skrill,
  • Wire,
  • and finally Payoneer.


The latter is a new option that wasn't available at the launch of the digital marketplace and became available just recently. Similar to the rest of the money withdrawal options,  you will need to scan your documents in order to verify your account. Leaping ahead, this is a one-time requirement. You won't need to verify your account each time when you decide to withdraw some cash. Only if any of your personal details change, we will ask you to send us a scan of your government-issued ID.

Please mind that non-verified accounts are not eligible for commission withdrawal.

How to Manage Vendor's Financial Details

All information that deals with your earning and money withdrawal options are available in the billing tab in the vendor's account. At the top right corner of the billing page, you can find Edit Billing Info button. Click on it to enter your valid billing details.

Vendor Financial Details

In order to access all sales and money withdrawal requests, navigate to the transactions tab.

Click Request Money Withdrawal to transfer money from your account in the Money Withdrawal tab.

You can choose from several money withdrawal options that we mentioned above. Also, there is also an option to change billing details with the help of Edit Billing Info and Withdrawal Info at the top right corner.

Your Product Purchases tab contains information about all digital products that a vendor sold on the website templates marketplace (this include the name and type of product, date sold, transaction ID, commission from the sale (in percentage and money terms). There is an option to filter digital products by date/type, which streamlines the search.

More opportunities to make money in the digital marketplace are not long in coming. Follow our updates to discover more useful tips and recommendations on how to sell and promote your digital products with TemplateMonster.

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