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Très beau thème sur le monde th théâtre, facile à installer et à paramétrer sinon la couleur grise par défaut des écritures ne sont pas très lisible sur fond clair. Hormis ce point, cest parfait !
A solid, simple theme. Make sure to import all the sample data though if you want to be in with a chance of making it look like the preview - there is a lot of markup and shortcode usage. Some shortcodes dont appear to format well, but by and large its a stable theme. Typography is easily managed and it doesnt get in the way of standard WordPress behaviour (which is a pet hate of mine). I only had to use support a few times, which was of course excellent, and Id recommend this theme to anyone looking for a versatile, minimalist look for their website.
Great! Easy to install and top notch product!
In the live Demo for template 48981, the privacy policy link on the bottom of pages does not show on any pages in the retail copy. The retail files consumers get, the only link on the bottom of the page (where privacy policy should be), is a hyperlink to templatemonster.com and that only shows on the bottom of the home page. This isnt a huge deal breaker, just a little disappointing as support wasnt able to offer any solutions to correct this.
Please replace original theme48981\static\static-footer-text.php file with the one you received from our support team. Link will look like on our live demo when you replace the file. Back up original file before replacing.
Love this template. Comes with many features and customisations out of the box. Installed test content no problems. If you like the look would highly recommend.
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