Ретро телевизор - векторное изображение

Ретро телевизор - векторное изображение

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Ретро телевизор - векторное изображение - Изображения фич 1

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Looking at the preview for this and seeing the grid background, I took that to mean that it had a transparent background as Ive seen hundreds of time before. But opening the EPS file (I dont have AI) revealed the grid to be baked in and not a transparent layer. So I had to do some work on my own to remove the grid and lost the reflection/shine in the top left of the TV screen in the process. It looks beautiful and I appreciate the work that went into it, so I dont know if this was an issue with me, the site, or the creator. Note: I marked Authors assistance at five stars because the site wouldnt let me publish the review leaving any of them blank. I havent been in touch with the author, so I cant say, but Im leaning towards the positive. And maybe this means my whole review is unfair, but I didnt have time to go back and forth to get this resolved. I needed it for a presentation, so I used it as-is. And that is the basis for the review.

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