Monster’s Award 2022

About Monster`s Award

Welcome to the Monster’s Award, an annual competition of the best WordPress products organized by TemplateMonster.

Last year this project exceeded all our expectations and was warmly received by both clients and nominees. Therefore, this year we are holding a competition with even greater scope.

  • 17 nominations.
  • Only the best participants of last year and new rising stars.
  • Even more media coverage and promotion for the winners.

What Is the Aim
of the Monster's Award?

If you're a WordPress fan, you know that sometimes it is super tough to find the best theme, plugin, service, tutorial, or a trusted developer to meet your website needs. The Internet will likely give you sponsored ratings and articles like ‘10 best WordPress tools for this and that’. We've been there ourselves and understand that it was (and still is) the only way for an aspiring WordPress brand to get on the client's radar.

Who Can Participate
in This Contest?

Any WordPress product (except templates to avoid bias on our side) can become a nominee. We've already researched and nominated the most prominent market players that suit several predefined categories. But you can add your favorite brand to the list of nominees as well. Please fill out the form on our website, and the most frequently suggested brands will join the competition.

Is the Voting Fair?

Absolutely. None of the nominated brands is a TemplateMonster's client or affiliate. We have partnership relations with some participants, but none of them paid us or asked to be nominated. We only count real votes from registered users and do not accept any paid promotional offers. After voting for your favorite brand, you immediately see the real-time statistics and leaders.

What Will the Participants and Winners Get?

Popularity, glory, awareness, and a branded badge of honor from TemplateMonster. We'll do our best to present these products to the right audience. More than that, we will promote the winners to our audience via our official blog, social media, PPC ads, and email newsletter.

What's TemplateMonster's Gain?

For the 20 years that we're in a WordPress business, we still haven't seen many well-categorized and 100% fair ratings. So we decided to create one ourselves and try on the referee role. We hope that this contest will become a benchmark for the industry and motivate the WordPress community to unite, grow and evolve. If you have any questions, please drop us an email at May the best one win!

Is This Award Commercial or Non-Commercial?

Monster's Award is a non-commercial event aimed to reveal the best WordPress products in their categories. We're using the sign-up option for vote counting to prevent multiple voting or results manipulating. Personal data of all participants will not be included in any promotional activities of the marketplace or shared with authors of products nominated for this award.