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Monster’s Team

Discover the creators of the most significant WordPress community award

Our team of passionate individuals works together to provide you with the most exciting and innovative awards experience through our collaboration with TemplateMonster.

Olga Bulkina

Event Coordinator

As a Monster’s Award event planner, Olga makes sure every detail runs smoothly for an unforgettable experience.

Alla Taftai

Communications Manager

She's our Communications Maestro, handling external outreach, promotion, and Monster’s Award PR.

Allison Reed

Head of SEO & Content

She is an unstoppable content and SEO machine, who speaks 5 languages, including Google's, and turns coffee into organic clicks and top SERP positions.

Tatiana Murray

Event Coordinator

Tatiana's ability to build connections through communication amplifies Monster’s Award appeal.

Yulya Tsukanova

Email Marketing & SMM Manager

She manages external communications with her magic as our Email Marketing & Social Media Maestro.

Lesya Bochkor

Social Media Manager

Our Social Media Sorceress, Lesya, paints our brand's journey through digital media.

Mykhailo Lyhovyi


Mykhailo enhances user interfaces in order to make them more engaging and appealing.

Olena Kliuieva

Development Wizard

The Development Wizard converts dreams into digital reality with her code magic.

Yurko Dmitriev


Through lines of code, Yurko transforms Mykhailo's imagination into reality.

Alevtyna Shepel

Content Manager

In her role as Content Manager, Alka adds depth and value to our content.

Alex Bulat

Content Manager

A detail-oriented content editor who crafts eloquent narratives.

Victor Gozhyi

COO at TemplateMonster

Victor leads TemplateMonster on its journey to the future with his visionary leadership.

Join the WordPress Celebration

The Monster's Awards team believes in the power and growth of the online world - WordPress. As a team of passionate and dedicated individuals, we strive to create an awards experience that reflects the vibrancy, innovation, and collaborative spirit of this incredible community.

Whether it's recognizing outstanding plugins, creative themes, influential blogs, or contributors, Monster's Award is the definitive platform to recognize WordPress heroes.

Stay Connected and Engage

Join us on social media for the latest WordPress trends, inspiring stories, and award announcements.

For inquiries and partnership opportunities, please reach out to

Thank you for being a part of Monster's Awards, where the WordPress community takes center stage in a grand celebration!