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Monster’s Award 2021

The Best
Security WordPress Plugin

Vote for the Best and Nominate Your Favorite Security WordPress Plugins

On this page, you can help your favorite security WordPress plugin win the Monster`s Award 2021 by TemplateMonster. The process is easy as ABC:

  1. Sign in to your account on TemplateMonster or create one; it's free.
  2. Choose one product from the category 'Security WordPress Plugins'. Click on the 'Vote' button and keep your fingers crossed to help it win.
  3. Share this page on social media to invite your friends and push your favorite product to the top!

The competition will last until December the 1st. After that, we will announce the winners on our blog, email newsletter, and across social media.

You can also add your favorite security WordPress plugin as a nominee. Fill out a form on this page, and it will receive a chance to compete for prominence. Vote, share, and let the best product win!