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Boutique 响应式WooCommerce模板 #57736——特色图像 1Boutique 响应式WooCommerce模板 #57736——特色图像 2Boutique 响应式WooCommerce模板 #57736——特色图像 3Boutique 响应式WooCommerce模板 #57736——特色图像 4Boutique 响应式WooCommerce模板 #57736——特色图像 5Boutique 响应式WooCommerce模板 #57736——特色图像 6Boutique 响应式WooCommerce模板 #57736——特色图像 7Boutique 响应式WooCommerce模板 #57736——特色图像 8Boutique 响应式WooCommerce模板 #57736——特色图像 9Boutique 响应式WooCommerce模板 #57736——特色图像 10Boutique 响应式WooCommerce模板 #57736——特色图像 11


Update (April 25, 2019):

  • - Updated to WordPress 5.1 engine version;
  • - Update WooCommerce 3.6.1;
  • - FIX: minor bugs.


Easy to work with. No problem to install the theme itself. Good buy in my opinion.


Hi, I&#x27;ve read your answer to C&#x27;s question. Do you have more info if this theme is translatable, and comptible with WPML translation pludings ? Thanks
Hello Phil. Thank you for comment. It is compatible with WPML plugin (https://wpml.org/) and you could add as much as language packs as you need with it . Also you could localize the template on your needs and point which language to run, here is a tutorial: https://www.templatemonster.com/help/woocommerce-how-to-add-a-theme-localization.html You can also join our live chat at http://template-help.com/chat to get immediate assistance. Thank you.
Hi there, just wondered why the requirements state that PhotoShop is required to use this theme? Is it not possible to customise fully within WordPress/BoldGrid? Thanks
Thank you for your comment! You will need to use Adobe Photoshop to edit PSD files which are included in the download package.
will this theme work with membership plugins?
Thank you for your comment. All our templates are designed to be fully compatible with all extensions and plugins. However, we can not guarantee the proper work of third-party plugins with our templates.

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