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Google Slides has become popular among educators and business people. This is a powerful free tool. It can assist you in making powerful presentation designs. You can manage the look and feel of your slideshows. Download them to your portable devices for offline use.
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Google Slides have become a great alternative to PowerPoint. The cloud-based software makes serves to create cool designs for presentations and tutorials. It supports all sorts of content that you may need to deliver to your audience through a presentation. It contains lots of convenient opportunities and features. Modern users only need to apply minimum efforts to make presentations in the business schedules.

Google Slides vs Powerpoint

Many think that Google Slides and Powerpoint work like one another. Still, there is a range of features that differentiate the two.

Google Slides is cloud-based. It doesnt need any software to be installed. To use Powerpoint, you need to install Microsoft Office to your PC.

Google Slides works with a strong Internet connection. Powerpoint can be used in the online and offline modes. However, the online version includes fewer features and even less than the online version.

Google Slides saves all data on Google Drive, thus saving all changes that you apply to the presentation automatically. Powerpoint doesnt offer an automatic saving feature.

Google Slides lets you organize seamless collaboration with your team members. It lets you chat, leave comments, and make edits while you create a presentation together with your team. Collaboration is not always possible with Powerpoint unless you use PowerPoint 10 or later.

Google Slides supports all Google Fonts. Powerpoint uses only locally installed fonts. Slides let you embed YouTube videos easily, using cloud storage. Powerpoint lets you freely embed and upload videos to your presentations.

You can convert Google Slides to Powerpoint and vice versa. It lets you export files into .pptx, .odp, .pdf, .txt, .jpg, png, .svg (vector). Powerpoint supports a variety of export formats such as .pptx, .ppt, .odp, .potx, .pot, .pdf, .ppsx, .pps, .potm, .pptm, .ppsm.

Both of these two solutions offer many unique features over the other. Still, there is one major feature that Google Slides and Powerpoint have in common. This is the possibility to create presentations with premade themes. There are plenty of such ready-to-go products available in the marketplace.

Google Slides Advantages

Google Slides has many benefits for presenters. You can easily access, edit and make presentations on your desktop, tablet or smartphone. It encourages teams to collaborate online & real-time, it is free and more.

Google Presentation is much more compatible than Powerpoint. With its help, any customer can import and export:

  • graphics,
  • text formats,
  • PDFs,
  • and even Powerpoint presentations.

Users can also publish their works online rather quickly and easily.

In fact, theres a lot to love about Google Slides. Its accessible everywhere. The tool provides advanced customization opportunities to you and your team members. The presentations are instantly are saved automatically and instantly shareable.

Compared to Powerpoint, Google Slides offer advanced customization opportunities over cloud-based software. It lets several users work on the same document without interfering with your colleagues.

There are lots of other advantages to working with Google Slides:

  • All content thats created with Powerpoint can be opened with Google Slides.
  • Slides can be embedded into websites.
  • You get automatic saves of data without any data loss.
  • The history of changes is available to you and your team members. This allows you to restore any previous editing session whenever needed.
  • Many users can edit the same document and make all edits appear instantly.
  • You can convert any Powerpoint presentation into Slides.
  • It lets you insert links, images, and YouTube videos into your presentations.
  • There are galleries of premade themes. These let you create your personal or business projects.

Google Slides are quickly becoming the top preferred software. Use it to present your strategies and ideas in front of your audience.

Do you need to create a remarkable presentation design? Then you will enjoy the gallery of Google Slides templates from TemplateMonster. All of them are created in regards to contemporary web standards. They also deliver limitless customization opportunities.

Why Use TemplateMonster Google Slides Templates

TemplateMonster offers a growing collection of Google Slides templates. All pass QA test and come enhanced with the premium-quality technical support. Lots of customers have already tried how the products work. The items match various niche-specific purposes. These allow you to create outstanding presentations with a minimum budget.

Every template is delivered with a unique design and advanced sets of features on board. Some of the most common tools of Google Slides templates include:

  • All images from the themes previews are available in the download packages.
  • All slides come in vector. This delivers an outstanding presentation for your content on all screen sizes and devices.
  • Google Slides templates include editable content that you can edit online.
  • Every item contains unlimited color options.
  • Free fonts and icons are also at your disposal.
  • Icon sets. Welcome your audience to join your social media channels.
  • Charts, tables and infographics. These will help you establish a professional demonstration of your business project.

There are the major highlights of the tools and features that you can find inside the themes. The collection of such items grows all the time. Every product is due to our detailed review and analysis.

Take a look at the collection of themes listed below. You can come across ready-made designs of different styles and matching various purposes. Browse the inventory and view product details. Enjoy quick and seamless editing of ready-to-go Google Slides themes.

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