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Impresta - Fashion v.1.1 (September 13, 2018):

  • Added module JX Security Pack
  • Minor fixes bugs

  • - 1 minor HTML issue fixed
  • - 3 minor styles bugs fixed

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Es posiblemente la mejor plantilla si quieres hacer algo de 0. Tiene absolutamente todo y la cantidad de módulos que tiene es increíble. Si eres nuevo y no empiezas con esta plantilla, vas a salir perdiendo.
The best page Ive had. I had a few problems with the site adaptation, but after a few conversations with the techniques of the template monster the site works up nice. Sometimes, after updating the prestashop, problems with the modules pop up on the page, unfortunately they will have to be sometimes restarted to the factory settings, but this is already the fault of Prestashop 1.6 itself, not a template. In a nutshell, the site is sensational and I recommend it to everyone, as it attracts attention and it is easy to find a client in it.
Very nice, light and friendly template, a wide range of settings which is important to me in the case of the home page and in the case of the product page. Very well thought out simple solutions when it comes to the main page: a banner with new products, the best products, etc. Great solutions for campaigns that increase sales, for example: watches counting down the promotion time. The lookbook is a great option, where we can easily encourage our potential customers to view the products. I recommend strongly.
Plantilla perfecta, la cual es ideal para mi tienda online, para la forma en la que quiero mostrar mis productos.
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