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Auto-Tuning E-Commerce-Vorlage Shopify Theme - Bildeigenschaften 1Auto-Tuning E-Commerce-Vorlage Shopify Theme - Bildeigenschaften 2Auto-Tuning E-Commerce-Vorlage Shopify Theme - Bildeigenschaften 3Auto-Tuning E-Commerce-Vorlage Shopify Theme - Bildeigenschaften 4Auto-Tuning E-Commerce-Vorlage Shopify Theme - Bildeigenschaften 5

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hello, I am globally satisfied with the theme. Thank you for the assistance of the Author in solving all relevant issues. Will recommend.
This Theme from Template monster has been a good addition to our library. It has made working with shopify as a choice for an ecommerce store for one of our clients a good experience. for the type of project it has a very good layout and with some edits you can get the desired effect. The support so far from the team has been efficient and response has been fast. It would be good to see some more in-depth tutorials however this has not been a deal breaker. I would recommend template monster as they seem to have an efficient service and are customer focused. They also have an incredible selection of themes across a variety of platforms.
The shopify template was outstanding. The installation/setup was fast and fully functional.
No me han arreglado el problema de traducción de la 0lantilla
You have a ticket on our technical support – GMC-249-17901. We are looking forward hearing from you.
This is a great looking theme with functionality that allowed me to jump start a new design for a client. The only thing I would like to have seen were additional options to easily add blocks of text to both the header and footer without having to delve into programming (speaking for those of us who are technically-challenged on that area). Template Monster tutorials have been helpful though.
Thank you for your feedback. We've already forwarded your suggestion to our developers. If there are more things you'd like to see in this template, please leave them on this page -
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