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Template is working on deprecated modules and I support is telling me that it is not their problem. I cant update it to modules versions which are still supported because it is breaking apart. It is completely outdated - huge waste of money
This is a really revolutionizing, efficient and businesslike template advances packaging tool. The installation and the settings are very very straightforward and so simple. The counters and preloaders are useful supplements to a conversion-focused site. I especially like that in the footer, there are tags that make it easier for visitors to find the content related to their interests. I highly recommend this apt, because the support works perfectly well.
Легкий, просторный. Технически очень удобный. Я брал его для заказчика, который занимается поставкой фонтанов. Оба остались довольны: я работой с шаблоном, заказчик - результатом.
The reason I choose this template is for the home page. The way that the home page is made is excellent.

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