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Créé: 3 oct. 2016

Actualisée: 26 févr. 2021

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StoreFlex - Caractéristiques de l’image 1StoreFlex - Caractéristiques de l’image 2StoreFlex - Caractéristiques de l’image 3StoreFlex - Caractéristiques de l’image 4StoreFlex - Caractéristiques de l’image 5StoreFlex - Caractéristiques de l’image 6StoreFlex - Caractéristiques de l’image 7StoreFlex - Caractéristiques de l’image 8StoreFlex - Caractéristiques de l’image 9

Modèle OpenCart polyvalent réactif

StoreFlex est un modèle OpenCart polyvalent réactif et évolue dans le monde OpenCart. Vous choisissez un modèle et obtenez six skins différents :

  • Mode;
  • Articles ménagers;
  • Beauté;
  • Nourriture;
  • Articles de sport et loisirs ;
  • Des pièces de rechange;
  • Cosmétiques coréens ;
  • Pêche;
  • Immobilier;
  • Salon de coiffure;
  • soins capillaires, salon de beauté ;
  • Agence de voyage;
  • Services à domicile.

Remarque : les skins StoreFlex sont compatibles avec PHP version 7.2 uniquement !!!

Fonctionnalités du thème à multiples facettes OpenCart

StoreFlex, un modèle de commerce électronique rentable fourni avec plus de 20 modules prêts à être mis en ligne.

Un constructeur de mise en page intuitif permet de trouver une présentation polyvalente de projets de commerce électronique à la volée. MegaMenu, prêt pour RTL, multilingue et multidevise, catalogue de produits, catégories de clients, chèques-cadeaux, filtrage intelligent des produits, recherche Ajax, badges de produits, ajout à comparer, liste de souhaits, jeux de couleurs étendus et autres éléments sont intégrés pour fournir aux utilisateurs le expérience d'achat en ligne.

La présentation des produits Lookbook vous permet de présenter les articles de votre magasin dans un style plus captivant. Un blog complet est intégré pour tenir le public informé des dernières nouvelles de l'entreprise. Storeflex est le modèle avec la fonctionnalité, qui vous aidera à administrer facilement votre site Web et la conception de la narration le rendra apprécié de vos clients.

Ceci est un thème de conception Bootstrap Multipurpose OpenCart

Bootstrap est un framework frontal gratuit pour la création de sites Web et d'applications Web. Il fait évoluer n'importe lequel de vos sites Web, des smartphones aux ordinateurs de bureau, en utilisant la même base de code. Cela rend le processus de développement Web beaucoup plus facile.

Il s'agit d'un thème de conception OpenCart pour magasin de mode et de beauté polyvalent

Ce modèle OpenCart polyvalent est réactif. Il a un design bien adapté aux écrans de toutes tailles sur n'importe quel appareil. Les smartphones génèrent 80 % de l'utilisation en ligne dans le monde. Il est important de rendre votre site réactif si vous ne voulez pas laisser tomber vos clients actuels.


StoreFlex (February 26, 2021):

  • Minor bug fixes;
  • Updated Fashion full-package archive.

StoreFlex (October 16, 2020):

  • Minor fixes;
  • Updated Fishing skin.

StoreFlex (September 8, 2020):

  • Added Home Services skin.

StoreFlex (August 14, 2020):

  • Added Travel skin.

StoreFlex (July 19, 2020):

  • Added skin Wedding Store.

StoreFlex (June 11, 2020):

  • Updated Lingerie skin;
  • Added Fishing skin.

StoreFlex (May 26, 2020):

  • Added BarberShop skin.

StoreFlex (April 20, 2020):

  • Added skin Real Estate;
  • Bugs Fixed.

StoreFlex (March 23, 2020):

  • Added Korean Cosmetics skin.

StoreFlex (June 04, 2018):

  • Added skin Spare parts;
  • Bugs Fixed.

StoreFlex v1.3 (April 06, 2018):

  • All Skins Updated to Opencart 3.x;
  • Bugs Fixed.

StoreFlex v1.2 (December 20, 2016):

  • Added skin Food;
  • Added skin Health&Beauty.

StoreFlex v1.1 (November 22, 2016):

  • Added skin Sports& Hobbies;
  • Added video player;
  • Added info badge after the customer's log-in bug fixes.
  • Added Korean Cosmetics Skin.
  • Added Fishing Skin.

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It's great and all but the customization part is just overwhelmingly difficult. Support for this is non-existent so buy it if you are a professional full-stacked developer only.
Please remember that you can always contact our 24/7 free support with any questions or difficulties you have - and our live chat - Our specialists will be more than glad to assist you!
Jack Martins did the setup quickly. The email correspondence with him was clear and fast. I am very happy with the overall service.
EXPECT MORE CHARGES!! Doesn't work with 3rd party Extensions automatically - Producer Zemez charges $99 per 3rd party extension added to the site to make it work as automation isn't an option!! MORE than the cost of the template!! Even for simple extensions, due to Problem with loading dynamically added css files. Asked for this to be sorted outright and told it cant be!! They have no other solution except $99 SO expect to pay OR look at another site that is more compatible if your looking to develop the site with extensions and DONT want to fork out $99 a go.. Which is a shame as otherwise its a nice site!! Shame zemez cant sort and easy fix out for this!! Well lesson learnt it seems..
Hello Jonathan, Thank you for your feedback! Unfortunately, we're not responsible for any third-party plugins or extensions and we don't guarantee the proper work of this template with them. Thanks for understanding.
Don't be fooled by the big premium support banner You open a ticket and get a reply every 24hrs if you're lucky and none of the replies are helpful. If you're starting out from scratch you can download a 'full' file from them which has a blank opencart database and the theme fully loaded ready to go. If like me you've spent a lot of time developing the product catalog and database before looking at a theme then this isn't the one for you as the 'upgrade' option doesn't work and just errors even if you try on older versions of OpenCart and even with a blank database! The support is none existent, best response I've had in 4 days is a link to a support page on the designers website that I found myself via google on day1 and all that says is run the installer no advice on errors. Happy to be proved wrong and update this review if I ever get a helpful resolution to my open support ticket
Dear James, please accept our sincere apologies that the template installation caused you difficulties. Usually, an average reply time in tickets is 6-24 hours on business days; that is why it's better to use a support live chat if the request is urgent: Our team is always glad to help with any issues you face during the template's installation or editing. Moreover, server requirements play a crucial part in the template installation, especially over the existing store. That is why we need admin and hosting access to investigate the issue more thoroughly.
Trying to find a template that is working fine, without bugs, and everything in the backend mentioned and documentated, there is no place to buy it than templatemonster! Working as a freelancer or as a webdesign agency, you want something that is beautiful and working out of the box! There is no time for fixing developers things! And if you ever have a problem or misunderstood something, you have an EXCELLENT 24/7 lightspeed support that will help you anytime and anyday change or fix something that you dont understand!!

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