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Apparelix v.4.6 (11 January, 2022):

  • Added Apparelix Baby and Children Fashion Store skin developed on Shopify 2.0 version.

Apparelix v.4.5 (07 December, 2021):

  • Added Apparelix Christmas Tree Shop Xmas Decor skin developed on Shopify 2.0 version.

Apparelix v.4.4 (16 November, 2021):

  • Added Apparelix Car Tuning Store skin.

Apparelix v.4.3 (20 October, 2021):

  • Added Apparelix Antique Store skin.

Apparelix v.4.2 (20 September, 2021):

  • Added Apparelix Hobbies Store skin.

Apparelix v.4.1 (18 August, 2021):

  • Added Apparelix Video Games Store skin.

Apparelix v.4.0 (22 July, 2021):

  • Added Apparelix Caviar Store skin.

Apparelix v.3.9 (04 June, 2021):

  • Added Apparelix Real Estate Store skin;
  • Minor bug fixed.

Apparelix v.3.8 (13 May, 2021):

  • Added Apparelix Vegan Store skin.

Apparelix v.3.7 (15 April, 2021):

  • Added Apparelix Lingerie and Underwear Store skin.

Apparelix v.3.6 (15 March, 2021):

  • Added Apparelix Bags Store skin.

Apparelix v.3.5 (22 February, 2021):

  • Added Apparelix Cannabis and Medical Marijuana Store skin.

Apparelix v.3.4 (12 January, 2021):

  • Added Apparelix Tour and Travel Store skin.

Apparelix v.3.3 (03 December, 2020):

  • Added Apparelix Extreme Sports Store skin.

Apparelix v.3.2 (26 November, 2020):

  • Added Apparelix Christmas Gifts Store skin.

Apparelix v.3.1 (9 November, 2020):

  • Added Apparelix T-Shirts Store skin.

Apparelix v.3.0 (6 October, 2020):

  • Added Apparelix Wedding.

Apparelix v.2.9 (3 September, 2020):

  • Added Apparelix Kitchen Supplies.

Apparelix v.2.8 (13 August, 2020):

  • Added Apparelix Swimsuits Store.

Apparelix v.2.7 (27 May, 2020):

  • Added Apparelix Bikes Store.

Apparelix v.2.6 (18 May, 2020):

  • Added Apparelix Delivery Store skin;
  • Clean, fresh design.

Apparelix v.2.5 (10 April, 2020):

  • Added Apparelix Books Store;
  • Fixed default skin,

Apparelix v.2.4 (30 March, 2020):

  • Added Apparelix Pets Store layout.

Apparelix v.2.3 (16 March, 2020):

  • Added Apparelix Hookah Store.

Apparelix v.2.2 (28 February, 2020):

  • Added Apparelix Healthy Food skin.

Apparelix v.2.1 (14 February, 2020):

  • Added Apparelix Alcohol Store.

Apparelix v.2.0 (16 January, 2020):

  • Added Apparelix Watches Store skin.

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Easy to use. Automatic integration to our previous shopify theme. All previous products are automatically uploaded to the new theme.
Great clean looking template, easy to install and configure! It offers everything I wanted. Highly recommended :)
Great template with 22 mini templates, well worth it. Highly recommend it!
One of the best templates around. It includes around 18 premade templates for different categories so as a developer i can definitely use this in various projects. The admin super dynamic and easy to use. The code is also we written, syntax standards and easy to modify. The only thing i would change is the documentation, it seems it is outdated. otherwise, best template around.
cool theme to work with. it has all i need to build my ecommerce website. the only one thing i was doubted i was looking for a theme for eco goods store. but i fall in love with this cool and clean design so i changed all the pictures and get a great result. recommend!

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