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OpenCart 3 Documentation

Useful information

OpenCart is a multifunctional, quick and understandable solution for the users that would like to start online business. It is a great solution for your online store. The default engine package contains all modules necessary for successful sales. Open source allows you to offer really outstanding merchant possibilities for your customers.

Useful resources:

Can't load Google Fonts:

  1. Open catalog\view\theme\themeXXX\stylesheet\stylesheet.css file.
  2. Locate the line:

  3. Replace it with the following:



Both HTML markup and CSS styles used in our templates are semantically correct and valid. However, some W3C errors can still take place. Making code 100% W3C valid eliminates the usage of modern website technologies as CSS3 features and HTML5 markup. Our goal is to deliver rich user experience with high quality templates and sometimes we have to break some rules.

Translation of language files

After the installation of a new language package, check if the language files of English package were modified. To do so go to the folder "system\storage\modification\{admin,catalog}\language\en-gb" and check if there are the needed language files in the folder . If the folder contains the files, you should replace them with the new language files and add the appropriate modifications for each of them. All the language modifications exist inside .ocmod.xml files, in the folder with extensions (themeXXX-extensions).