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Great template! User friendly to the customer and easy to set it up. The Template Monster staff really helpful ! Got the installation made by them and they where fast. Really happy with customer support!
This template looks and feels really nice. I recommend this to people who like the fun design. There was a lot of thought that went into this and this makes it very nice and unique. If you know the software well, it will be easy to edit the colors and other features to match what you need done to make the site work for you the way you like. I dont think you can go wrong with this specially with their support. Good Luck.
We were looking for a responsive template that included good looks, really fast loading, and unlimited products. The Template Monster toy store product did this and more. We choose the installation package with this product. The install Team were very friendly and worked lightening fast to get our store up and running! I would buy from Template Monster again for this template and future services. Kind regards, Ourconsignment.com
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