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This template is amazing... very complete, clean, elegant, modern, quite friendly, with many examples of the use that can be given to the projects I have .
Generalmente, super bien para mi cliente. La parte de los js super bien.
La template es muy simple de implementar , esta todo muy claro y limpio
This template is in my opinion the very best, both from the page and others
This template is really nicely laid out and has clean and professional colours. The template package contains a wide variety of design layouts to choose from and adapt to, and there is even a menu containing links to pages containing all of the web site elements you could ever want. For example, there is a page on all of the button styles available, the different styles of typography, example forms, lists, table layouts and more. I was also easily able to adapt this template to an ASP.Net Core MVC2 application to add even more functionality. A must have if you are looking for an admin console template.
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